Wilde Malve – Die Erste Hilfe bei Hautunreinheiten

Wild mallow - The first aid for skin blemishes

The wild mallow, popularly known as cheese poplar, was already known as a medicinal plant in ancient times. The Roman Dioscorides used it already 100 years after Christ for the relief of burns and skin inflammations. Meanwhile, mallow is considered almost forgotten medicinal plant of naturopathy. To many, the mallow is nowadays rather known as an ornamental plant for the garden, because their pretty wheel flowers beautify the home greenery by diverse color variations. However, in the flowers of the mallow is also an unexpected healing potential, which is used especially for inflammation.

Mallow for skin problems and inflammation

For skin care, mallow has an important meaning. The flowers of mallow contain potassium, flavonoids, mucilages, tannins and pigments such as malvin and malvidin-3-glucoside. Applied externally, tannins soothe skin irritation, swelling, as well as skin rash. The mucilages contained in it have a particularly soothing, anti-inflammatory and protective effect on human mucous membranes. Ideally, therefore, the plant is suitable for the treatment of insect bites, sunburns or in infectious diseases, skin and mucous membrane infections.

Similar to cinnamon and lavender, mallow also inhibits the growth of fungi, the preservative contained in it, even surpasses the effect of peppermint and garlic. Due to its vasoconstrictive (astringent) properties, the tannins contained in mallow also cause facial pores to tighten. Infectious agents, which are sometimes responsible for inflammatory pimples, pustules and eczema on the face, can therefore no longer penetrate the skin pores, this prevents targeted skin blemishes.

Specially gentle skin care with mallow

In the field of natural cosmetics, mallow is often used for gentle facial care. The soothing properties of the mucilage contained in the mallow extract serve in a cream as a remedy for excessively dry skin. Thanks to its lightening effect, it also alleviates pigment discoloration and strengthens elastin in the skin. Particularly noteworthy is that mallow can be used even with sensitive skin and does not lead to skin irritation.

Tip: By applying compresses soaked with mallow tea, the same skin care effect can be achieved as with a cream. Compresses are particularly recommended for the relief of inflammatory skin diseases and pimples.

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