10 Apotheker-Tipps für den Start ins neue Jahr - Teil 2

10 pharmacist tips for the start of the new year - Part 2

At Saint Charles, we are committed to making a difference for our customers. With our focus on the teachings of Traditional European Medicine, we also see ourselves as a pharmacy for healthy people who want to take responsibility for their own health and proactively nurture and maintain their well-being.
What other five Saint Charles products can best and amazingly simply help you boost your health and well-being in 2018?

6 Soul Stroker

What would life be without pleasure? It brings about positive feelings and does our soul good. Simply.be.happy. This is possible with chocolate:
We recommend chocolate with propolis, a natural product from Austria. Pure Austrian propolis gives the fine dark chocolate its spicy, resinous note.

7. Whoever drinks tea forgets the noise of the world

How true. If we start the day calmly with a cup of herbal tea and perhaps end it with a cup of tea, we not only decelerate, but also take in fluids that are valuable for our bodies. Healthy drinking does the body good. Actually, we know it anyway.

8. Relax with magnesium

An all-round talent. Magnesium supports muscle function, the nervous system and energy metabolism, and helps to reduce fatigue and maintain bones and teeth. The supply of magnesium is not only useful for athletes, but also in case of stress or other strains. And we apply it transdermally - through the skin! We massage ourselves - or let ourselves be massaged. Magnesium gel can be applied to the entire body. For athletes or physical ailments, the stressed parts of the body should preferably be massaged with the magnesium gel.

9. eat something smart

How true. Even your mum used to say that. For example, a warm, soothing breakfast - sweet or savoury - nutritious and wholesome lunch, homemade cakes and energy snacks for in between. And all of it plant-based, always with gluten-free variants, as much seasonal, regional and organic as possible, always wholesome, balanced and delicious.

10. At least try it out! Yoga!

The closed eyes, the concentration on the breath, being back on yourself, the time alone with you on the mat. And your body slowly becoming more flexible again... Try it!
In this spirit, we wish you a successful year! May your health and spirit prosper!

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