Kurkuma - heilsames Gewürz

Turmeric - healing spice

The spicy turmeric supports digestion and strengthens our intestinal health.The spice extracted from the rhizome ("rootstock") of Curcuma longa is considered sacred in India and has been a popular Ayurvedic remedy for over 3,000 years. Besides the colouring agent curcumin, which gives curry dishes their typical colour, turmeric contains many components that are valuable for our health: Essential oils and numerous bitter substances - even more than in the related ginger - ensure its traditional use for stomach, intestinal and skin problems.



Effects of turmeric

Dishes with turmeric are a wonderful health precaution - this has now been scientifically proven. The astringent bitter substances promote fat digestion and thus prevent bloating and flatulence. In general, turmeric has a lasting positive influence on the digestive process and harmonises our metabolism - turmeric is also effective in chronic intestinal diseases. In addition to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and cholesterol-lowering effect, turmeric purifies and thins the blood. Thus, turmeric can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, as an antioxidant, turmeric fends off free radicals and thus protects the cells, for example against cancer. The Austrian and the US-American Society of Oncology recommend turmeric as a complementary tumour inhibitor in cancer diseases.

Liquid curcumin (turmeric), which is offered in the form of capsules, is particularly well absorbed by the body. It supports liver detoxification as well as the healthy function of the intestines, kidneys and pancreas. Cholesterol levels are regulated and cardiovascular diseases are prevented.

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