Bio-Baby Pflegecreme

Bio-Baby Pflegecreme

For daily care especially for children

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This purely natural, 100% bio-dynamic cream was developed together with paediatricians especially for the daily care of sensitive baby and children's skin. Inspired by the Ayurvedic art of healing, it cares for the skin from head to toe in a completely natural and particularly gentle way with grape seed oil, lime blossom tea and ghee. With only 7 different ingredients and no artificial fragrances or preservatives, the cream is particularly well tolerated and can help to preserve the skin's natural barrier function.

Tilia cordata Wasser**, Vitis vinifera (Traubenkernöl)**, Lactis lipida (Butteröl)**, Alkohol**, Sambucus nigra (Holunder) Öl**, Glycerylstearate citrate, Xanthan.**bio-dynamisch
Apply care cream to cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Can also be applied several times a day if necessary. Do not apply to sore areas. Also completely safe for daddies. For external use only.


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