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Natural sun protection - Our sun protection favorites

In recent decades, intensive research has been conducted into the benefits and harms of solar radiation for our health. What is often forgotten is that moderate sunbathing and the vitamin D produced by it keep our immune cells optimally fit for defensive tasks. Light blockers help protect us from harmful sun rays and make sunbathing safe. Generally, those who use light protectants can stay in the sun longer without getting sunburned. The SPF (sun protection factor) indicates how much longer one should be exposed to the sun without getting sunburned.

Chemical versus mineral sunscreens

Distinguished purely by their mode of action, there are two types of UV filters in sunscreens: chemical and mineral. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages . Products that contain chemical filters should be applied about 30 minutes before to be fully effective. Most chemical sunscreens contain UV-A and UV-B blockers. UV-A rays age the skin, UV-B burn the skin and UV-C are already filtered in the atmosphere.

  • Chemical photoprotectants: Chemical UV filters penetrate the outer layer of the epidermis. After an activation period of about 30 minutes, they begin to convert UV rays in the skin into other forms of energy by means of a chemical reaction. The most common are avobenzone, benzophenone, ethylhexyl or methoxycinnamate. Many of these compounds are potent free radical exciters. When they come into contact with UV light, they are broken down. They generate free radicals that can damage the lipids, proteins and DNA of cells and have been linked to premature skin aging and cancer.
  • Mineral sunscreens: At Saint Charles, we recommend sun care that is completely free of synthetic ingredients, chemical photoprotective filters and nanoparticles. Mineral UV filters consist of natural white pigments, most commonly titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These lay on the skin surface like many small mirrors and immediately start reflecting the sunlight. Good and natural sunscreen consists of an effective combination of plants and minerals. This complex protects the skin without irritating it and, in the best case, nourishes it with plant-based active ingredients and moisture such as aloe vera. Thus, mineral sunscreen is also ideally suited for babies and children.

We recommend: Our sunscreen favorites 2020!


This certified organic SPF 30 sunscreen is fragrance-free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Esse's fast-degrading, coral-friendly sunscreen provides comprehensive UV protection and protects against UVA and UVB rays. Coated zinc oxide (no nanoparticles) are used to filter out UV rays. Fortified by antioxidants of myrothamnus, rooibos and olive leaf extract, this sunscreen helps eliminate free radicals generated by sun exposure. Like all products in the Esse range, the new sunscreen with its mild formula takes into account the skin's microbiome.

2. THE ORGANIC PHARMACY Cellular Protection Sunscreen SPF 30, 100 ml

The ultimate organic sunscreen from The Organic Pharmacy is made exclusively from natural, vegan ingredients that protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. This natural sun product also relies on micronized zinc & titanium dioxide to provide the highest UVA and UVB protection, without leaving a white residue on the skin. Additional nourishing ingredients include protective almond oil, nourishing shea butter and rosehip oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and helps heal sun-damaged skin.

3. SANTAVERDE Sun Protect Cream SPF 20, 50 ml 

This lightweight sunscreen from Santaverde reliably protects the skin with active DNA protection from damage caused by the sun's rays and provides it with natural moisture and care. The 100% mineral filters provide instant protection against UVA and UVB rays, are free of nanoparticles and coral-friendly. Pure aloe vera juice and hyaluronic intensely moisturize and hydrate for a long time. Antioxidant extracts of carrot and apple neutralize skin-damaging free radicals. Ectoin actively protects the DNA of the cells. Coconut and jojoba oils have a nourishing effect and help maintain skin elasticity. The delicately scented and water-resistant cream is quickly absorbed without whitening and provides a pleasant feeling on the skin. Suitable for all skin types.  

We offer these and many more, especially mineral sunscreens, in our natural cosmetics range of the Saint Charles Apotheke & Cosmothecary in Vienna and Berlin, as well as in our onlineshop.

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