Erholsamer Schlaf in Krisenzeiten – Wir geben Tipps aus der Apotheke

Restful sleep in times of crisis - We give tips from the pharmacy

Constantly new information, everyday life is coming apart at the seams and in addition to the loss of the usual routine, some people are also experiencing existential fears. The current crisis situation leads to stress and an inner feeling of restlessness for many. Sleep disorders are often the result. In the following, our pharmacists provide helpful tips that will hopefully lead to a restful sleep for you.

  1. Magnesium - Gives restful sleep

Magnesium is considered one of the best aids to falling asleep, because restless sleep is often caused by magnesium deficiency. With its calming, muscle-relaxing effect, magnesium helps to "come down" and sink into a deep, restful sleep. The reason for this is the GABA receptors found in the brain and nervous system, which do not function without sufficient magnesium. The neurotransmitter GABA helps the brain to calm down. Magnesium can be absorbed both internally and externally, e.g. through baths. The advantage of external intake is that the gastrointestinal tract, which is often irritated by the intake of magnesium, does not have to be passed. Magnesium is also popular during pregnancy, for more info here. General information about magnesium.

  1. Melissa tea - Calms overstimulated nerves

The effect of the medicinal herb lemon balm on stress and sleep patterns is due to the essential oils contained in lemon balm leaves. Together with rosmarinic acid, this mixture also has a positive influence on the GABA receptors. Thus, lemon balm calms overstimulated nerves, making it easier to fall asleep. You can find out more about the effects of this medicinal herb here.

  1. Melatonin - For sleep disorders

The body's own sleep hormone melatonin also helps to improve the quality of sleep and shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. Supplements with melatonin or plant extracts of African black bean, maca root, lemon balm and passion flower are rich in the sleep-promoting amino acid 5-HTP and thus support natural sleep quality. Learn more about natural remedies here.

  1. CBD and hemp protein - The calming natural remedy hemp

CBD oil is popular with our Saint Charles Apothecary customers as a natural sleep aid. Take 5 drops in the evening before going to bed. The cannabidiol contained promotes sleep and helps prevent inner restlessness. You can find more information about hemp CBD oil here. Also hemp protein contains valuable amino acids such as tryptophan, which converts serotonin into the sleep hormone melatonin in the body and thus promotes restful sleep. In our pharmacy, we offer a hemp-melissa tea that is particularly popular with our customers as a calming tea.

  1. Lavender Hydrolate - Helps with Restlessness and Sleep Disorders

Lavender hydrolate is produced during the distillation of lavender plants and helps with restlessness, nervousness, general exhaustion and sleep disorders. It works gently and is therefore well suited for sensitive people and children. You can find out more about how it works and how to use it here.

  1. Zirbel pine oil - Proven to improve sleep quality

Traditionally, Swiss stone pine has been attributed with beneficial effects, especially for sleep. Its exceptionally pleasant and refreshing scent is compared to that of the forest. It causes an immediate relaxation of the breath and calms the mind. For this, place the pine scent right next to the bed. It reduces your heart rate and thus demonstrably improves the quality of your sleep (sedative effect). You can find more information on how to use Swiss pine oil here.

We hope we can help you get a restful night's sleep with these tips from our pharmacists. Restful sleep is especially important to relax the body, because while we sleep, the level of the stress hormone cortisol drops to a minimal level and this helps to avoid restlessness.

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