Our Philosophy and Traditional European Medicine (TEM)

For decades the Ehrmann family, pharmacist Klaus Ehrmann, a true pioneer in the field of pharmacy, now together with his son, pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann, have been developing a wide range of house specialties largely based on the use of natural ingredients. Until June 2008 these were exclusively available in our pharmacy (and at a few associated pharmacies in Austria, who have since become our friends). Through the intensive use of traditional European medicine and the influence of many innovative activities, such as the first pharmacy restaurant in Europe and special cosmetics shops, the Cosmothecaries, a wealth of very special possibilites was opened to us. Thus, over recent decades a wide product range has emerged, tangibly and entirely according to our motto “Right to the Roots”.

Prescriptions & more. In addition to all popular and commonplace pharmacy products SAINT CHARLES offers a variety of house specialties and formulas from food supplements to cosmetics, as well as organic products from stringently selected suppliers. Expect the unexpected.

Innovation. SAINT CHARLES guarantees safety, sustainability and quality through a broadly developed pharmaceutical knowledge developed over generations.

TEM – traditional European medicine. The study of this holistic method is based on the body system as a whole and aims at healing the mental and physical equilibrium.

Client orientation. Our joy in our work and our task is perceptible to all our clients. The mission is crystal clear: we don´t just fulfil the expectations of our clients, it is our pleasure to exceed them.

International networking. Continually opens up new perspectives and makes access to insider products as well as insights into successful and proven methods possible.

Saint Charles own brand is based on the teachings of traditional European medicine, which sees disease as a loss in balance due to physical and mental causes. The origins of TEM can be found in both natural and spiritual sciences. Healing and self-healing take place through nature in harmony with one´s own nature – maintaining and revitalising a healthy balance through diet and good living, together with natural remedies. TEM is the focus of the entire body system as a whole, not just single organs. The teaching focuses on the knowledge and methods of various health cultures from all over the world – among others TCM and Ayurveda – and adapts these specifically to the needs of European DNA and the abilities of DNS from herbs and plants growing in Europe. Therefore,  TEM is an extremely effective complement to conventional medicine. Together with this science and philosophy SAINT CHARLES is also a pharmacy for healthy people who take responsibility for their own health and want to cherish and preserve their well-being.