Saint Charles Berlin – Team

Sabine Zeeck

Sabine Zeeck, Pharmacist and Proprietress

A love of nature and a large dose of realism paved the way to opening this chemist jewel. Here, tradition and modernity unite naturally in the beautiful area (or Kiez) around the Ludwigkirchplatz. To fulfil the wishes of SAINT CHARLES customers and to surprise and inspire on a daily basis, together with her dedicated team, is a matter of heartfelt importance.

Petra Neumann-Schönwetter, Pharmacist & HP Pyschotherapist

With her many years of pharmacy experience and her organisational talent, our Swabian colleague is our port in the storm at SAINT CHARLES. Her excellent knack for consultancy and sensitive way of dealing with people have, after only a very short time, secured her position as deputy pharmacist.

Andrea Schick, Pharmacist

The classic homeopathy, mixing medicinal herbs or individual prescriptions from fresh plant extracts are the pet projects of our youngest pharmacist. Already as an apprentice pharmacist, Andrea was able to garner a lot of experience and skill in the production laboratory of the SAINT CHARLES pharmacy. Therefore, she is a competent contact for all prescriptions to do with bioidentical hormone therapy.

Dr. Viola Geiger, Pharmacist

With her skilful and inquiring mind, Viola is always able to gain insights into new medical contexts and pass them on to all who are interested, digestibly. As the mother of a small son, she has an affinity for all questions concerning “mother-father-child” and always has helpful advice.

Aylin Sancar

Aylin Sancar, Cosmetician

Gently pampered and beautified – this is Aylin´s heart´s desire. Whether with the dreamy, elfin oils from max & me, or with an invigorating facial from the London label “The Organic Pharmacy” – these treatments are not so easily forgotten, nor the wonderful day, or evening make up conjured by Aylin with dedication.

Grit Knop, Pharmaceutical-Commercial Clerk

Incomplete without her, she has been our specialist from the beginning, for all organisational processes relating to merchandise management and marketing. She is responsible for 99% of our creative Facebook entries and things just wouldn’t be right without her. It is also more than likely that it´s Grit taking your order and inquiries by phone or email, with pleasure.

Grit Knop