Ätherische Öle für verschiedene Wirkungen


"People could close their eyes to the grandeur, to the awfulness, to the beauty and close their ears to melodies or bewitching words. But they could not escape the fragrance. For fragrance was a brother to breath." (Patrick Süßkind in "The Perfume")

The diverse effects that fragrances have on us humans are extraordinary. They work in fascinating ways. If it smells good and beguiling, we like to linger, pleasant memories are awakened and we feel good. These positive conditions are used in aromatherapy. It is not without reason that the use of essential oils has a long history and tradition.

Development of aromatherapy

Essential oils and essences were already used in pre-biblical times to cure health complaints, for body care as well as for spiritual rites. In the Middle Ages, the founder of traditional European medicine, Paracelsus, dealt with the effect of plant oils and essences on humans and focused his studies on the interaction of body and mind. In the following decades, plant oils were mainly used as fragrances, especially for perfume production. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse rediscovered the healing power of essential oils. He coined the term "aromatherapy".

The life force of plants

Natural essential oils contain the vitality of plants in concentrated form. This is why essential oils are also called the "soul of the plant". They reflect the personality and the spirit of a plant. The effect of essential oils is holistic. Body, mind and soul are closely connected. With their physical, mental and spiritual effects, essential oils can help to bring the system back into balance. The absorption of essential oils via our sense of smell can take place through fragrance lamps, diffusers or room sprays. In addition to this principle of action through smelling the fragrances, an essential oil also unfolds its effects on a biochemical level, for example by absorbing the ingredients through rubs, gentle massages, inhalations and baths via the skin.

Now at Saint Charles: 12 essential blends

The Saint Charles Aromatherapy range features a variety of proven essential oil products, all of the purest organic quality to ensure full potency. The new Saint Charles Apothecary range further expands the extensive Aromatherapy range. This range comprises 12 blends of 100% naturally pure essential oils for a wide variety of applications. In selecting the essential oils for these blends, we focus on a range of plants whose medicinal effects have been proven through studies and our experience in our pharmacy. Of course, when selecting our suppliers, we also attach great importance to high and naturally 100 percent natural quality without additives and rely exclusively on natural products from controlled organic cultivation. The mixtures of the apothecary series are filled in high-quality and shelf-stable violet glass bottles (20ml). In order to be able to apply the positive effects of aromatherapy easily on the go, at the workplace and quickly, we also offer our blends as an innovative spray. All new blends are available in our pharmacies in Vienna and Berlin as well as online in the Onlineshop of Saint Charles Apothecary. At a glance: - Five Heroes. - Breathe Easy - Head Pain Guard - Mind Focus - Memory Balance - Stress Guard - Body Pain Guard - Mood Balance - Sleep Well - Mind Balance - Anxiety Guard - Insect Guard

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