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What is visibly good for hands, nails and cuticles

A look at our hands reveals a lot. For example, our age, what we do for work and whether we attach much importance to care. Carefully manicured hands always make a good impression. But what does an effective hand care programme consist of? One important point is regular application of cream. Combined with a hand massage, this not only provides the skin with valuable care substances, but also promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. To do this, massage each hand - starting at the base of the hand - over the ball of the hand and then each finger individually in small circular pressure movements. About once a month, pamper your hands with an additional peeling. Special exfoliating soaps or homemade variants made from natural granules such as sea salt or kiwi seeds are suitable for this purpose. Hand soaps with natural oils such as coconut, argan and olive oil as well as hand packs improve the skin's appearance, while a hand cream with a high sun protection factor helps to prevent pigmentation spots.

Don't cut cuticles

We should be careful with our cuticles. Cutting or clipping them off would destroy their natural protective function. Therefore, it is better to care for them regularly with nail oil. This makes it pleasantly soft and can be gently pushed back with a rosewood stick if necessary. It is best to file the nails with a glass nail file, as this smoothes the nail surface and keeps the horny layer active. Be sure to apply a base coat before applying polish to avoid discolouration. If you do not want to dry out your nails unnecessarily, do not use nail polish remover containing acetone. If the nails are still dry and brittle, special products applied externally and capsules with biotin, silicon and zinc, among others, can help.

Our care products from the pharmacy series or our capsule range, available in our pharmacies or in the online shop, support you in a natural way.

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