Traditional recipes and tried-and-tested specialities, combined with craftsmanship and the current zeitgeist - what could be a better fit for Saint Charles. In over 170 years of tradition, the traditional Bavarian company Apomanum already manufactures its products from books and codices for pharmacists. Out of love for the pharmacist tradition and its homeland, Apomanum manufactures the majority of its natural cosmetics and specialities in Bavaria under the motto "Cosmeticum Bavaricum". Now for tasting at the Saint Charles Cosmothecary in Vienna or here to buy the tried and tested Apomanum products online.

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      18 products

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      Natural sun protection - Our sun protection favorites

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      Soul Splash | Eau d'Energie by Paul Divjak

      Naturally pure revitalisation for body, mind and senses with a reduction to the essentials. This was [...more]

      Natural cosmetics hair care against dry hair in summer

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