Berliner Dufthaus Atelier Oblique

Atl. Oblique



Berlin fragrance house Atelier Oblique

was founded in 2016 by graphic and media designer Mario Lombardo. Born in Argentina and educated in Germany, the designer is known for playfully bridging stylistic boundaries and creating new contexts. His journey, from fleeing his country to the top of the design world, is a key source of his perfume creations. While the name


refers to the

inner world

which is sometimes


,but always


the brand's modern design preserves these precious memories in a secure shell. Sustainability is a high priority for the brand. All perfumes are

clean, vegan and cruelty-free

and use only the highest quality materials. All perfumes are made in Berlin and with every purchase Atelier Oblique donates to "Grow my Tree", an organisation dedicated to planting trees worldwide.