An ancient, unremarkable Greek medicinal herb that grows on the dry slopes of Greek mountains is once again in high demand. Highly valued in Greek folk medicine for centuries, the rockrose (Cistus incanus), also known as Cistus, has become popular as a "herb for body, mind and soul". On Chalkidiki, where locals drink Cistus tea every day, there are reportedly particularly many 100-year-olds. Because Cistus is said to support the body and even help with impurities.


But let's start at the beginning. On the Chalkidiki peninsula, a legend is told: Once, the gods held a council on Mount Olympus to decide which plants should perform certain tasks. The rockrose was assigned by the godfathers to heal the fighters injured in battle. Much to the annoyance of the goddesses, who were convinced that the herb, with its delicate pink flowers, was much more suited to beauty care. The result of the legend: the rockrose was allowed to do both: heal and beautify. In fact, the plant was highly prized in ancient times. The resin was popular as a cosmetic and as an aid for skin and hair problems. Cistus was also used as a supportive measure in recovery.


Cistus tea is made from the leaves of the rockrose plant. Despite its name, the rockrose has nothing in common with roses, as it is a small shrub native to the Mediterranean region. In hot summers, the rockrose simply folds its leaves and waits for the next rain. In this inconspicuous form, it can remain for months. There are a total of 20 different species. The tea is made from the Cretan rockrose. This plant is particularly at home in Mediterranean areas.

Cistus contains various plant substances such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, and the essential oil sesquiterpenes. The antioxidant potential of rockrose is due to its high polyphenol content, which is three times greater than that of green tea and four times greater than that of vitamin C. Learn more about the effects of cistus here.

As you can see, the plant can be used for many different ailments. Traditionally, rockrose has been used to support skin impurities. The ingredients of rockrose have an astringent effect, tightening the skin, making it smoother and reducing wrinkles. Therefore, rockrose tea is also an excellent anti-aging facial tonic. Check out our range of Cistus products in the shop.