Store Partnership

Become part of the family

The Saint Charles corporate culture is characterised by mutual respect, committed cooperation and diversity. We are united by our enthusiasm for naturopathy and holistic health, as well as our desire to act sustainably and responsibly.

We value individuality and have no predefined image of a perfect store partnership. However, we consider the following aspects to be the basis for a successful and long-term cooperation:

- You have a financial basis that allows you to make initial investments
- You identify with the Saint Charles brand, our core values and philosophy
- You are passionate about naturopathy, traditional European medicine and holistic well-being
- High service quality and pleasure in dealing with customers is a matter of course for you
- You care about dealing with customers as well as with employees
- Your distinctive social skills enable you to build up a network of partners in gastronomy, the hotel industry, etc.
- You want to and can act independently and entrepreneurially

Has the spark been ignited? Then send us a non-committal partner enquiry and we will get in touch with you.


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