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We are very pleased,

To welcome you to our SAINT CHARLES Complements and Hideaway. Your place for organic beauty products, natural cosmetic treatments and loving home accessories. We are here exclusively for you and will be happy to advise you on your choice of treatments.

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The unique symbiosis of pharmacist knowledge and holistic natural treatment methods enables our qualified beauticians to provide individual advice and professional treatment. 

SAINT CHARLES HERBAL TREATMENTS. All treatments are carried out with the purest, highly effective products from the natural cosmetics line "HERBAL APOTHECARY FACECARE". We rely exclusively on proven formulas with natural active ingredients from herbs such as yarrow, wild mallow, pansies, lemon balm and lime blossom. Through the effectiveness of these European medicinal herbs, which was discovered centuries ago, the Herbal Apothecary series achieves a balancing effect for all skin and age groups. The skin gets the impulse to regulate itself and regain its balance.

With PHARMOS NATUR you experience the unique, regenerative effect of selected and adaptogenic healing & rejuvenating plants. The highlight in your PHARMOS NATUR treatment is the application of the aloe vera fresh plant leaf. For radiant, wonderful skin and pure well-being.

THE ORGANIC PHARMACY is luxurious-organic high-tech system care that combines the latest findings of science with the highest quality organic-certified raw materials and plant extracts. For a luxurious holistic beauty ritual that relaxes and revitalises both the skin and the soul.


Jede Behandlung beginnt mit einer ausführlichen Anamnese und Hautanalyse. Bestimmen Sie gemeinsam mit Ihrer Kosmetikerin, welche Hautbedürfnisse Ihnen am Herzen liegen und welche Pflegelinie für Sie passend ist.

60 MIN. 98 €

90 MIN. 148 €

45 MIN. 78 €


 Hautanalyse 35 € exkl. Behandlung

Augenbrauenkorrektur ab 10 € exkl. Behandlung

10 € inkl. Behandlung
18 € exkl. Behandlung

10 € inkl. Behandlung
18 € exkl. Behandlung

Serum on Top 10 € inkl. Behandlung

*Alle Beauty Extras können zur Beauty Auszeit dazu gebucht werden.