Dr. Heike Sommer Mixturen - Ein Tiegel für das ganze Land!

Dr. Heike Sommer Mixtures - One Crucible for the Whole Country!

Simple solutions are our favourite! If they also have to do with herbs on our doorstep, even more so. We are always fascinated by the healing power of herbs that are often referred to as weeds, such as the concoctions by Dr. Heike Sommer, which have the potential to become classics in the medicine cabinet.

Using the healing power of plants

Knowledge of the healing power of plants is often passed down through generations. This is also the case with HNO doctor Dr Heike Sommer. Here, too, it was the grandparents - druggists - who, with their intuitive approach to naturopathy, passed on corresponding knowledge to the granddaughter. When Dr. Heike Sommer's daughter fell ill with neurodermatitis in early childhood, the doctor initially followed the same path of suffering as many affected parents. After conventional medical treatments did not bring the desired success in the long run, Dr Sommer started looking for her own alternatives with the aim of freeing her child from the unpleasant itching and prolonging the symptom-free phases until the next episode.

Birdmotherwort and balloon vine developed into an insider tip

Finally, it was the recipes handed down by the grandparents that contributed to the development of a care cream - the Mixture No. 1. The cream is based on the antiviral, immunostimulating and wound-healing effect of chickweed (Stellaria media) and combines this with the anti-inflammatory effect of balloon vine (Cardiospermum halicacabum). The result is an intensive, natural care product that actively supports the regeneration of dry, irritated and fragile skin. The cream also performs remarkably well for everyday skin problems, wound healing problems, burns, sunburn, insect bites and for scar care. The balm can also be used safely on babies and children because it contains only natural ingredients. For us, mixture no. 1 has meanwhile become an absolute insider tip - a jar for many applications that you simply have to have at home.

Dr. Heike Sommer also used the healing powers of Stellaria media in the development of another mixture - mixture no. 3 - which is used to treat annoying skin warts. With the addition of the extract of the occidental tree of life (Thuja Occidentalis), a further skin care cream was developed, which supports the regeneration of the skin, which is often brittle and cracked in the area of warts.

The many positive feedbacks and successes encourage Dr. Sommer in the development of her mixtures. Thus, in addition to the skin and wart care products, there is now also a wonderful nose care product and even an anti-aging care. Simple, natural solutions that positively support our skincare in many ways - that's the Saint Charles principle and that's why we're happy to offer the products both in our pharmacy in Vienna and in our online shop.

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