Weihrauch und die Kraft des Räucherns

Incense and the Power of Incense

From early December to early January, nature is at its lowest and darkest point of the year before everything begins anew. The need to adapt to the dormant nature germinates in us. We increasingly feel the longing for cordiality and human warmth. The time "between the years"is also ideal for a personal pause. The Raunächte, twelve nights around Christmas until the turn of the year, are especially suitable for a review and good resolutions.

The Raunächte, twelve nights around Christmas until the turn of the year, are especially suitable for a review and good resolutions.

On the mysticism of the Raunächte and what meaning they have for us today

The twelve "Holy Nights" result astronomically from the calculative difference between the lunar and solar year. The time between 21 December and 1 January is thus oriented according to cosmic guidelines. The Christian calendar, on the other hand, defines the special period between 25 December and 6 January. But regardless of which interpretation we prefer, since the discovery of fire-making, this period has been closely associated with the incense of herbs and resins.

Smoking against spirits and germs

The ancient tradition of ritual incense has its origins in all advanced cultures. In rural folklore, incense was necessary to drive evil demons of disease - the concomitants of a harsh winter - out of the house and stable. As we know today, the disinfecting smoke actually has a germ-killing effect. But the cleansing power of smoke is also a balm for the soul and helps to say goodbye to the old and outdated. Smoking awakens inner harmony, vitality and confidence in one's own strength. Incense rituals during the Raunächte are particularly effective. A cleansing office and living room incense should begin in the kitchen, from there through all rooms and, in larger houses, starting in the cellar, through all floors. The smoke is fanned from the bottom to the top, where it has time to work in the rooms for two to three hours or overnight, if possible. After a final round of the house, the remains can be smoked out on the balcony or in the garden.

Smoking facilitates inner reflection

The Raunächte can also be used for other rituals, because incense facilitates inner reflection. For example, on each of the twelve days we can think about what we wish for each month in the next year. Or we can spend the first six days looking back and the other six concentrating on what is to come. In a Raunachts- Tagebuch we can record our thoughts and wishes and additionally note down our dreams.

If we now occupy ourselves intensively with the themes that appear in it, this acts as a mental cleansing and makes us inwardly ready for everything that the new year will bring us. Incense, consisting of herbs and plants from local nature, is available from us at the pharmacy Vienna, Berlin or also online.

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