Dr. Lhotka’s perfekte Mundhygiene – vollständig und natürlich

Dr. Lhotka's perfect oral hygiene - complete and natural

In his daily dealings with his patients, Dr Roberto Lhotka was repeatedly confronted with the same clinical pictures, symptoms and complaints. First and foremost periodontitis, bleeding gums and bad breath. According to Dr. Lhotka, conventional medication is often not sufficient for sustainable treatment, as antibiotics, for example, may be effective in the short term for acute inflammations - but they usually do not prevent the bacteria from reawakening.

Desire for a treatment that is effective in the long term

Since almost all dental problems originate in the oral flora, a meaningful preventive treatment also starts exactly there. The oral flora is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria or a healthy environment for healthy teeth. The desire for a sustainably effective treatment strategy and a solution that meets the most modern medical standards finally animated Dr. Roberto Lhotka to develop his own, natural care series for mouth and teeth.

In his years of intensive research, studies and experience, Dr. Roberto Lhotka always came back to the time-tested, natural medicinal plants and was impressed by the power of nature and its unique effect on humans.

"When it comes to human health, there can be no compromise. I have chosen to use only the highest quality plant extracts and natural ingredients because there are no more pristine and pure active ingredients than what nature offers us."

Effective natural-based product range

With selected medicinal plants, whose sustainable effect against viruses and bacteria is scientifically proven and recognised, he developed the formula of his natural, highly effective, antimicrobial dental & oral care series. As daily oral and dental care, the "Vienna Organics by Dr. Lhotka" product series is healing, aftercare and long-term preventive on a purely natural basis.

Thanks to the "Organic Vienna" products, professional, medical dental care can now also be continued systematically and sustainably at home. The "Vienna Organics by Dr. Lhotka" product series was developed in Vienna, manufactured in Austria, and is now available in the Saint Charles Pharmacy in Vienna, as well as in the online shop.

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