Kleines Immunkraft 1x1

Little Immune Power 1x1

When the cold season comes around again every year, we are prepared and fortified!


If we don't catch cold, we won't catch cold. Therefore, keep sensitive areas well warm with a bonnet, scarf, gloves and socks. Pay special attention to the feet: Mustard flour footbaths provide lasting warmth. Regular visits to the sauna also really heat us up, are beneficial for the respiratory tract and strengthen our health.


Now it is especially important that we eat freshly cooked and warm food - rich in vitamins and seasonal: with lots of vegetables, rice and potatoes. We should avoid sugar, wheat flour and cow's milk products. We can strengthen our defences with zinc, vitamin C, cistus and a bowel cure.


No matter what the weather is like and how short the days are: Keeping your nose in the fresh air as often as possible during the day - for about ten minutes - strengthens our immune system. The important thing here is to breathe in and out consciously. Even better is a 30-minute walk in nature - best and most beautiful in winter sunshine.