Frühlingserwachen - Aufstehen und sich Gutes Tun!

Spring Awakening - Get up and do yourself something good

A Saint Charles morning ritual by Lena Hüffel that "washed"...

It's springtime, the buds are beginning to blossom and the first warm rays of sun nourish the body and especially the heart. As a symbol of new beginnings, this time of year lovingly invites a mindful approach to oneself and beneficial practices for an active & fresh start to the day - the best prerequisites for a good grounding and at the same time a well cared for body.

What can such a Saint Charles style morning ritual look like now?

I recommend starting the morning routine with a small meditation of gratitude while still in bed; in silence you can think appreciatively of positive, valuable things in your own life.

After getting up, it is particularly invigorating and cleansing from within to treat your body to a large cup of warm water with freshly squeezed organic lemon juice and to enjoy every sip of it in peace. Meanwhile, consciously feeling your feet on the floor and imagining them taking deep root in the earth can help you to live fully in the moment and feel the uplifting energy of the here and now.

One of the most beautiful aspects of a balanced morning ritual for me personally is always the devoted care of the skin, which begins with cleansing the face. Some days, cold, clear water in its simplicity is all it takes to feel fresh and clean. On other days, the indulgent scents of Rose Facial Cleansing Gel from The Organic Pharmacy can work wonders. The main ingredients rose, rosehip extract and blueberry nourish and refresh the skin and are the indulgent start to a day that stimulates the senses.

Finishing off the cleansing and first step in moisturising is the wonderful Toner Sensitive by Santa Verde, whose combination of aloe vera juice and rose petal hydrolate both revitalises and soothes the skin. A few spritzes of it on the face, consciously breathed in and out deeply, and you feel invigorated for the beautiful adventures of the beginning of spring.

As the grand finale of the morning care ritual, two drops of RMS "Beauty Oils" are lovingly spread on the skin moistened by the aloe water. Not only is our skin nourished by its valuable ingredients, but our inner being also experiences soothing soul nourishment through the mindful touch.

To treat yourself with serene attention in the morning and to ritually consciously do good for yourself is one of the most precious gifts to yourself. Once you start, you don't want to miss it; whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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