Hygge - Das Lebensgefühl der Gemütlichkeit in der Weihnachtszeit

Hygge - The cosiness of life during the Christmas season

Everyone knows stereotypes of Scandinavia and its people - the beautiful blond inhabitants, the vast untouched landscapes, the long dark winters, the boats and bicycles and the impressive capitals. Very often Scandinavian countries are associated as having the happiest people, the highest quality of life, the most liveable cities and the hippest design. So it's "an idealistic Valhalla" that few of us get to experience. But what is behind it? And what is it that makes Scandinavians so happy?

What is behind 'hygge'?

Getting to know the Scandinavians and their culture, the secret seems to lie in their ability to create intimacy, community and conviviality around everyday moments. An everyday moment that comes from the region's exposure to cold and darkness and the need for people to gather around a source of warmth and light for centuries.

The magic of cosiness

Turning this functional need into an almost spiritual experience is the magic of turning any situation into a moment of cosiness. It is about gestures and rituals that make life more beautiful and about the satisfaction of the little things: comparable to a shared, relaxed moment with friends and family around the glowing flicker of a fireplace or candlelight. Harmony, homeliness and cosiness are writ large.

Each nation in Scandinavia has its own name for it, and all are proud that there is no direct translation. 'Hygge' is Danish DNA, the Swedes may say 'mys' to it, the Norwegians 'kose', while the Finns find their own warmth in 'hygge'. Each word for it reflects the same cosy, snug Scandinavian feeling and mystery of perhaps the happiest nations on earth. Danish brand Skandinavisk is known for its exceptionally great smelling scented candles & diffusers. With the Hygge Scented Candle and the Hygge Scent Diffuser, they have skilfully packaged this feeling in a scent that smells of sunshine and nature.

Scandinavisk's secret, then, is to find joy in life's little moments, whatever they may be. In this spirit, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a reflective Christmas! May your Christmas with family and friends also be 'hyggelig'.

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