Malin + Goetz | Trendapotheke aus New York

Malin + Goetz | Trend Pharmacy from New York

MALIN+GOETZ is inextricably linked to the history of SAINT CHARLES. The skincare line, which was developed for sensitive skin, found its beginnings in 2004 in the Chelsea district of New York. It has been on the shelves of our Saint Charles pharmacy in Vienna for 7 years and the philosophy is very similar. One more reason to introduce MALIN+GOETZ in more detail:

How the New York trend pharmacy Malin + Goetz

came into being. Founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz focus on natural ingredients in their skincare products for a gentle but effective effect. The impetus for founder Matthew Malin was his own very sensitive skin prone to atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. MALIN+GOETZ, a family-run pharmacy in New York's Chelsea neighbourhood, began business in March 2004. The Chelsea store was modern in every way, but still had much in common with the borough's traditional pharmacies: brick construction, bustling activity, wonderful treatments and excellent customer service. Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz served every customer themselves for the first three years - they managed the packing and shipping for their mail-order business in the back of the store until it became too small in 2007. Bob and Junior, their two bulldogs, became superstars in the neighbourhood (and internationally). Passers-by often stopped to take a picture of the "dogs in the window."

With the wholesale business and the dogs, they then moved a few minutes' walk away to West 29th Street, in Manhattan's furrier district. Soon after, MALIN + GOETZ opened their second pharmacy in Manhattan on the Upper West Side, at the corner of 455 Amsterdam Avenue and West 82nd Street.

Custom-created formulas are the focus

From the beginning, the friends personally develop their recipes and make the products on site. They are supported by other small family-run businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. MALIN+GOETZ have made it their goal to keep skincare as simple as possible, especially for people with sensitive skin. Their products blend the best natural ingredients with modern technology. For example, the key to the exceptional skin cleansing products lies in hydration research. Gentle amino acid-based agents thoroughly cleanse and hydrate to help maintain the natural pH balance. The advanced moisturisers are a blend of essential fatty acids and are naturally free of oils and residues that could clog pores.

Careful selection of ingredients

Botanical extracts with fresh natural fragrances are included in all products. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the least possible irritation and advanced efficacy as a result. They are tried and tested ingredients that you would have found in a pharmacy over 100 years ago. They prefer to use ingredients that are found near their hometown of New York. MALIN+GOETZ products can be found in numerous renowned design hotels. Celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kirsten Dunst and Vera Wang value the label's creations.

And of course MALIN+GOETZ is also available with us in the Apotheke Wien and now newly in the Saint Charles Premium Onlineshop.

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