Progesteron – das Allroundhormon

Progesterone - the all-round hormone

When it comes to natural or bioidentical hormone therapy, there is no getting around one particular hormone - progesterone. Our Saint Charles pharmacy in Berlin specialises in treatment with endogenous hormones. In this article, pharmacist Sabine Oeverhaus-Zeeck shares her expertise on progesterone in a brief overview.

Guardian of life progesterone  

When we speak of progesterone, we always mean our body's own and not a hormone-like drug - so-called synthetic progestins ("the pill"). Because only natural progesterone can achieve all the effects that the body needs. The breakdown of this hormone in the body also has many positive effects - and not only in the so-called menopause of women and men. In every phase of life, compensating for a progesterone deficit can increase the quality of life enormously.

During the entire pregnancy, the body needs this hormone.

During the entire pregnancy, for example, progesterone guarantees the survival of the embryo and the resulting foetus. Up to 400mg of progesterone is produced by the placenta per day during this special time of becoming.

Controller of the soul and multi-talented on all levels

The calming effect of progesterone and its hormonal conversion products make woman appear more balanced and at peace with herself. Fears seem almost alien to her. Due to the brain-active effect, the antidepressive effect is also considerable and the all-important, restful sleep is significantly improved.

As progesterone also acts as a natural dehydrating agent, it has a regulating effect on blood pressure. It also promotes bone-building cells and offers protection against osteoporosis. Our important thyroid hormones are also gently supported by progesterone. Good to know: The protective effect against uterine cancer and breast cancer, by decreasing the oestrogen receptors on said organs, is now very well researched.

Focus of Saint Charles Pharmacy Berlin

Saint Charles Berlin has specialised over the last 10 years - in addition to producing other hormones - in the production of this important hormone in its natural - and therefore safe and effective - form. Whether as cream for application on the skin (transdermal), oil capsules to swallow or suppositories for vaginal use - everything is produced with the greatest care and according to the highest quality standards in the in-house pharmacy laboratory. The hormones are all subject to prescription and can be prescribed by an experienced therapist after a thorough anamnesis. If you have any further questions, the pharmacists at Saint Charles Berlin will be happy to help.

Text: Pharmacist Sabine Oeverhaus-Zeeck
Sources: Wright/Lenard/Lee

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