Saint Charles feiert 130. Geburtstag!

Saint Charles celebrates 130th birthday!

To celebrate our anniversary, we will be holding a colourful birthday party with our customers and friends for two days on 18 and 19 November 2016. With the first pharmacist DJ in Austria, great offers, promotions, the new Monocle Pop-Up Corner and the freshly designed Saint Charles Christmas World.

The Saint Charles Pharmacy in Vienna has been located at Gumpendorfer Straße 30 in Vienna's Mariahilf district for 130 years now! It was founded in 1886 by pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal. Since 19.11.2006 it has been called "Saint Charles". Alexander Ehrmann, founder and managing director of Saint Charles, is already the sixth generation of pharmacists in his family.
Tradition has a high priority at Saint Charles

This is embodied not only by the much-admired pharmacy furnishings, which also date back to 1886. It is also Alexander Ehrmann's clear decision to rely on something that has grown with Traditional European Medicine. On ideas and natural resources that have stood the test of time and have already been successfully used by our ancestors in the art of healing or body care.

So Saint Charles is not just a natural pharmacy with a special style, but much more a concept that embraces the whole person and combines traditional remedies with modern concepts. Saint Charles focuses on natural, biological resources with its own product line: "The herbs that surround us can be processed as a remedy, used in cosmetics or eaten." The Saint Charles world therefore consists of different institutions: The Saint Charles Apothecary, the natural cosmetics shop Saint Charles Cosmothecary, the cosmetics studio Saint Charles Hideaway, the centre for well-being, - Saint Charles Complementary, the natural cuisine of the Saint Charles Alimentary "SCA 33" and the farm refuge in Prigglitz.

However, it was and is always important to Saint Charles to combine traditional knowledge with modern and new findings in such a way that something new and better can be created. So Alexander Ehrmann is very proud that, since the beginning of the year, he has been able to offer a wide range of products in his own premium webshop, even to those customers who are unable to visit Gumpendorfer Straße 30 in person. And that Saint Charles products can now also be found in many top hotels and restaurants!
The vision or mission of the pharmacist of Gumpendorf for the coming years: "To be happy with what you do and how you live. Happiness and well-being are fragile. It is important to actively protect it, especially in terms of health. We want to live and practice togetherness - starting with our customers and staff - and pass on this idea."

To mark the anniversary, Saint Charles will be celebrating a colourful birthday party together with customers, employees, partners, neighbours and friends for two days on 18 as well as 19 November 2016: Among other things, Austria's and perhaps the world's first pharmacist DJ, Mag. pharm. Alexander Ehrmann, will personally play the guests' favourite records - only traditional vinyl, of course!

Sophie Halder, chef at the "SCA 33" Alimentary, will be serving a special 5-course menu based on the most important medicinal plants of traditional European medicine. Customers can also look forward to lovely gifts, discount offers and various consultations. In addition, the freshly designed Saint Charles Christmas World awaits and, as a special highlight, there is also a new pop-up corner of the British lifestyle brand Monocle with a wonderful assortment of fragrances, bags and accessories!

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