Spagyrik in der Saint Charles Apotheke

Spagyric at the Saint Charles Pharmacy

The central basic idea of spagyric is the assumption of an energy of creation that is basically active everywhere in the cosmos and can be grasped in a structure. In spagyric medicine, one speaks of the "three philosophical principles". They are traditionally referred to as SAL, SULFUR and MERCURIUS, although these are not the corresponding substance itself, but immaterial principles, which, however, clearly show themselves in the respective substances.

SAL - represents the material, physical

SULFUR - represents the individual ( soul )

MERCURIUS - represents the spiritual, volatile

Spagyric is a special procedure for the production of medicines. The origins of this traditional healing art go back to antiquity. Paracelsus (1493-1541) is one of its most important representatives in Europe. He wrote a multitude of medical writings that are still groundbreaking for spagyric therapy concepts today.

The aim of spagyric is to prepare a natural medicinal plant in such a way that the power potential it contains can be extracted as completely as possible and restructured into an optimal, highly effective bioregulant for healing purposes in the organism.

" To use a natural substance as a medicine in the way it is found is a waste of its potential. The real remedy comes into being through art, which by falling into matter makes imperfect substance perfect again. "(Paracelsus)

The word "spagyric" is derived from the Greek:

Span = to separate, to cut

Ageirein = to join, to unite

In the production of medicines, the individual components of the original substances (mainly medicinal plants) are first crushed and separated and then rejoined in the further course of the manufacturing process.

Humans become ill when body and mind are not in connection with the core of the individual soul and lead a life of their own. The therapeutic aim of spagyric is therefore to bring the three principles in the human being back into harmony so that they can once again serve as tools of the soul. This is the deeper meaning of the use of spagyric essences.

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