Der Tradition verpflichtet

Committed to tradition

Handbücher der pharmazeutischen Waren- und Präperatenkunde (1826-1845), the Lehrbuch der Physik für Pharmazeuten (1832) and the Handbuch der Pharmakokgnosie were the main scientific works of Martin Ehrmann. He was the editor of various pharmaceutical journals and regular publications such as Das Neueste und Wissenswertheste aus dem ganzen Umfang der Pharmacie und ihrer Grundwissenschaften. In 1861 Ehrmann was instrumental in founding the "Allgemeinen österreichischen Apothekervereins". Born on 6.11. 1795 in Brno, he learned the profession of pharmacist in Friedek (Austrian Silesia) and then studied pharmaceutical commodity science and pharmacy at the University of Vienna from 1824 - 1836. Afterwards he also taught at the University of Olomouc, where he was professor of chemistry, physics and botany.

The original books are now available for inspection at the Vienna Pharmacy and are carefully preserved by Mag. pharm. Alexander Ehrmann. They are contemporary witnesses to the early phase of the European art of healing. But also inspiration for the philosophy and products of Saint Charles. "Even as a little boy, I helped my father, who is a pioneer of the new approaches to being a pharmacist, to produce in-house specialities. This reinforced my feeling to continue this tradition. Because of this and the intensive and direct contact with people, the profession of pharmacist has always had incredibly exciting facets," says Alexander Ehrmann. Because the production of our own natural remedies runs through the family history, which is more valid today than ever. Especially the combination with modern knowledge and the reflection on local, biological resources is more important than ever for Saint Charles today.

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