Apotheker Weithalsflasche, 500ml von Saint Charles
Apotheker Weithalsflasche im Bad

Apotheker Weithalsflasche

The original from the pharmacy

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Brown, wide-mouthed, glass bottles with stoppers embody the profession of a chemist like no other vessel. Formerly used for the storage of chemicals or solvents, these high quality containers are now used as traditional product packaging or simply as a newly found decorative element.

The high quality and robust, wide-mouthed pharmacy bottles with beautiful glass stoppers and the Saint Charles logo bring centuries-old knowledge into your own four walls, binding ancient tradition with modernity. Right to the roots.






The historic Saint Charles Apothecary exists since 1886 in Vienna and is the scientific and ethical backbone of Saint Charles. All Saint Charles products are based on the teachings of Traditional European Medicine (TEM) in combination with the latest findings in naturopathy. In developing them, we pursue our passion for high-quality, sustainable and effective natural remedies and cosmetics.


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