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Ecology and indulgence, sustainability and luxury, ethics and aesthetics? More contradictions? But on the contrary! Saint Charles!

Our goal is not “more”, but “better!” For us “better” means ethical trade with moral products. We stand fully behind our products. Not only because they are of the highest quality but because they change something for the better: within you and in your environment. The herbs we find on our doorstep can be used for medicinal purposes, in cosmetics or they can be eaten. Right to the roots!

The SAINT CHARLES products are based on the teachings of traditional European medicine. The holistic medicine of Europe is based on the healing power of nature. Long ago renowned traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or the centuries-old healing art of Ayurveda established holistic natural remedies of the last 1,000 years from Europe. Together with this science and philosophy SAINT CHARLES is also a pharmacy for healthy people who take responsibility for their own health and want to cherish and preserve their well-being. Here you will find out more about us and our philosophy.

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Saint Charles Pharmacist Tonic Shots

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THE BOTANIST – Natural pharmacy meets bar

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Alpnhaus in Scotland meets Saint Charles

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