Die Vorteile von fermentierten Getränken

The benefits of fermented drinks

Food supplements with fermented drinks and ferment cures are based on naturopathic conviction and ancient knowledge. Traditional fermentation has been recognised for generations as a powerful way of refining high-quality foods. Today we know more precisely how strongly the resulting cultures can influence our digestive system, the intestinal flora and thus the entire body. In this article, we discuss the benefits of fermented drinks.

Are fermented drinks healthy?

A complex, multi-stage fermentation of physical plant parts and nutrient-rich sprouts has a direct effect on the microbiome. Fermented products enable stabilisation and recolonisation of the intestinal flora in the case of skin conditions, metabolic disorders and hormonal imbalances. The effective microorganisms they contain convert metabolic products and produce antioxidants in the process. These can counteract inflammation, which is often the cause of various symptoms.

The effect of fermented drinks:

  • Cleansing the intestines
  • Displacement of harmful intestinal bacteria
  • Recolonisation of the microbiome, harmony of the internal environment
  • Strengthening the immune system

How can I recognise effective ferments?

  1. The diversity of bacterial strains

    Probiotics available on the market often only contain a single strain, or just a few strains. The advantage of ferment drinks is the variety of different strains they contain, which influence the intestinal microbiome.

  2. Precise selection of bacterial strains with the right dosage

    Strain specificity is crucial for bacteria; even closely related bacteria have fundamentally different properties. When selecting bacterial strains, it is important to pay attention to their effective efficacy. For long-term effectiveness, a dosage of 10 9 - 1010 CFU per day has proven to be effective (at least 4 weeks). Individually adjusted to the respective symptoms, significantly higher dosages can also be effective in the short term.
  3. High quality standards during fermentation

    The differences in quality between the products available on the market are enormous. If medicinal plants or wild herbs are integrated, the plant must be fermented as a whole, so the list of ingredients must not show any extracts. Sterilised ferments have no proven efficacy. If a ferment is completely yeast-free, this is an indication of sterilisation. Enzymatic activity should be measurable and it should not contain less than 25 million cultures. A 100 % raw food quality and a multi-stage fermentation is crucial and a prerequisite for the natural effect of the ferment.

Good, safe raw materials are also essential for ferments. In addition to microorganisms, fermented physical plant parts and wild herbs should always be used. This turns the ferment into a unique active complex.

If you have any questions about ferments and the microbiome, please do not hesitate to contact our pharmacists at the Saint Charles pharmacies in Vienna, Berlin and Dornbirn. We will be happy to help you! For further reading, we recommend this article on the microbiome.

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