Alpine Glow

There are many ski huts in the Alps. But on the Bürglalm slope, in Dienten on the Hochkönig, there is now one that is breaking completely new ground: The Deantnerin.

The Deantnerin combines the tradition and cosiness of a classic ski lodge with extremely stylish and modern elements that are second to none. Planned with great taste and love, there is a generous lounge with a bar and open fireplace in addition to 120 indoor seats. A spacious sun terrace in front, large glass surfaces and old wood combine rustic with zeitgeist.

Where tradition meets zeitgeist, Saint Charles must of course not be missing. The apothecary soap from Saint Charles naturally feels particularly at home here. At around 1100 metres above sea level, its highly effective essential oils, such as thyme or cinnamon, combined with fresh citrus scents, can develop particularly well and offer guests the Deantnerin a special kind of fragrance experience when washing their hands.

And we are delighted. Because in the meantime our apothecary soap has become a must-have and cult object in the guest/customer area of agencies, ordinations, architectural offices and especially in the gastronomy. In addition to the Deantnerin, you can also experience the scent at many other friends of Saint Charles, such as the top restaurant Taubenkobel or also in the bread shops of Joseph Brot. Because good things take time - and time to enjoy.

This is why our tip for all those who love that special stop: Einfach.Gemütlich.Sein. at the Deantnerin on the Hochkönig - Alpenglühen included! The Deantnerin Facebook link

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