Alpenzirbe | Die Kraft der Tiroler Alpen

Alpine stone pine | The Power of the Tyrolean Alps

The Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra, Pinaceae), also called Queen of the Alps, grows in the Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss Alps at over 1800m above sea level. It grows to a height of 20-30 m and can live up to 1000 years. In the Middle Ages, the cones of the stone pine were considered a fertility symbol and a symbol of immortality. A speciality from the Alps is Swiss stone pine schnapps, which is made from the stone pine cones. The wonderful scent of its essential oils makes the tree largely resistant to vermin. Swiss stone pine oil smells woody, fresh and pure. The scent provides well-being and relaxation.


Mountain pine oil from Tyrol

Our 100% natural essential oils and hydrolates from Swiss stone pine in organic quality come from the Tyrolean mountains, obtained from steam distillation of needles and twigs. The Swiss stone pine grows very slowly under precarious conditions in the alpine climate. This makes it a rare and very special tree. The usefulness of the Swiss stone pine has been known in the Alpine region for centuries. Traditionally, the tree has been attributed a beneficial effect, especially for sleep. Its exceptionally pleasant and refreshing scent is compared to that of the forest. It calms the mind. Breathe in and you will find yourself in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps.  

Recommended areas of application:

  • Effect on the respiratory system: Swiss stone pine has a positive effect on respiratory infections or bronchitis. Inhalation or rubbing in is recommended here.
  • Restful sleep: For this, place the Swiss pine scent directly next to the bed. It reduces your heart rate and contributes to a good quality of sleep. Look forward to a good night's sleep that helps you wake up refreshed and full of energy in the morning.
  • Neutralising odours: Perfect for keeping away unpleasant odours and insects in the kitchen and other rooms. The antiseptic oils of Swiss pine purify the air.
  • Protection against moth infestation: Place the Swiss stone pine scent in cupboards to protect against moths.
  • Comfortable atmosphere: For this, it is recommended to place it in the living room. The scent of the Tyrolean Alps creates a pleasant living feeling. Swiss stone pine has a stabilising and invigorating effect.

The SAINT CHARLES ALPENZIRBE range includes a room spray, a cuddly cushion spray, an essential oil, a sauna infusion and a hydrolate. These are complemented by elegant diffusers made of real Swiss stone pine wood. All these products are from controlled organic cultivation and are now available in the Saint Charles Apotheke, as well as in the Online Shop of Saint Charles.

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