v.l.n.r. Richard König, Elisabeth Gürtler, Alexander Ehrmann in Saint Charles Apotheke Wien

Saint Charles at the Alpine Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tyrol

The multi-award-winning Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol (formerly Astoria) in Seefeld is not only the highest Sacher at 1200 metres, it is now also setting clear standards in the resort hotel industry. In cooperation with Saint Charles, the five-star superior resort now offers guests sustainable, responsible solutions in hotel cosmetics.

Entrepreneurial vision

The Alpin Resort, managed by host Elisabeth Gürtler, has been extensively expanded, renovated and refined in recent years with entrepreneurial vision and according to the highest quality standards. Attention to detail, a family atmosphere and quality are what make Sacher excellence. Standards that call for special partners and solutions

Alpinresort Sacher Seefeld from the outside

Saint Charles relies on the healing power of nature and the local herbal world with its comprehensive product world in the areas of natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and herbal remedies. The formulas are based on high-quality ingredients from as regional a source as possible. The company has set itself the task of making premium hotel cosmetics more sustainable and experience-oriented. Instead of conventional miniature plastic bottles, the company uses full-size products and a refill solution and reduces plastic waste accordingly. The Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol is also enthusiastic about this:

"It is inevitable and important to massively reduce plastic waste and actively use the advantages of the circular economy." - Elisabeth Gürtler

Saint Charles Wild Roots Invisible products mounted on the wall

Wild Roots invigorates the senses

At the Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tyrol, guests can now expect to find Saint Charles' natural "Wild Roots" skincare range in the room décor. The sustainable line includes hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion and is a harmonious symphony of natural ingredients from the local plant world. "Wild Roots" focuses on the popular plant rosemary. Centuries ago, monks discovered the benefits and wide range of effects of this medicinal herb. Orange and a hint of lemon, naturally in high quality organic, round off the formula and provide an elegant fragrance that invigorates the senses. The Wild Roots series in a high-quality design adorns the bathrooms of the luxury resort and provides guests with an experience close to nature.


Picture (above): f.l.t.r. Richard König (Saint Charles Co-Founder & Managing Director), Dkfm. Elisabeth Gürtler (Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol Host & Entrepreneur), Alexander Ehrmann (Saint Charles Founder & Pharmacist)

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