The Power of Breathing mit Max & Me

The Power of Breathing mit Max & Me

Breathing exercises and strengthening the airways are more important than ever. Conscious breathing gives us strength and is a particularly beautiful tool for relaxing, centering and balancing. Tanja Gruber, Co-Founder of Max & Me, enlightens us in this article about the power of breathing and then gives valuable tips on how we can use our Max & Me oils for more conscious breathing.

Aware breathing is the best mindfulness teacher

To improve energy flow, detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system, breathing is a wonderful tool. Conscious breathing means directing mindfulness to the inhale and exhale and moving from an unconscious vital function, to a conscious action. Through this, one comes into contact with oneself, with one's aliveness, one's mindfulness and presence in the now. Simply breathe consciously in between at work, in the car, while doing household chores, this can calmly take only a few seconds. So you bring yourself back into connection with your body and feel how you feel and what you need.

Over the years and depending on our lifestyle habits, our breath can become shallow and stale. Conscious breathing gives us the power back. With conscious breathing, you can control your energy throughout the day, relax or activate, breathe your fears away properly. How we breathe has a strong influence on our bodily functions and also on our emotional world. Since breathing functions unconsciously and adapts to the individual rhythm, many people - flooded with stimuli and under pressure - breathe superficially and tense up. This puts our stressed organism under even more stress. Too little oxygen and too much nitrogen in the organism increase nervousness and the heart has to pump faster to compensate for the oxygen deficit, blood pressure rises. Continuous stress and anxiety can lead to a constant breathing rate that is only needed in escape situations.

Conscious, calm breathing, on the other hand, has a relaxing effect on all vegetative functions. The better the cells are supplied with oxygen and the more effectively the removal of toxins is accomplished, the stronger and healthier we feel.

How can you use Max & Me for breathing exercises?

For Tanja Gruber, each one of the Max and Me compositions, invites you to an inspiring, relaxing breathing exercise. For this, simply warm the oil / balm between the palms, hold your hands over your mouth and nose and consciously breathe / or inhale and exhale deeply. This not only opens up the aromatherapeutic effect and the benefits of conscious breathing, but also connects beautifully with the energy of the oil.

Journey inward with The Intuitive

A particularly fine companion for breathing exercises and the journey inward is the Max and Me floral water The Intuitive. Begin with conscious breathing, simply spray the floral water in the head area and breathe deeply in and out. In addition to the effect of conscious breathing, aromatherapeutic powers are also added to The Intuitive. For example, one of the special talents of Palo Santo, the heart of the floral water, is to strengthen the lungs. Skin benefit: Each drop soothes agitated problem skin, delicately coats sensitive skin, and deliciously moisturizes the face, body and hair.

A little breathing exercise with Purity & Grace
Also Purity & Grace, the facial oil cleanser from Max & Me, helps to free yourself from everything through conscious breathing and turn the inner dialogue towards the positive, nourishing, light-filled. Warm a few drops of the facial oil cleanser between your palms and then hold your hands over your nose and mouth. Now take a deep breath and inhale all the joy you can imagine, with each exhale let go of everything that weighs heavy.... breathe it out and let it go.... As you let go of everything that does not belong in this moment, you are already beginning the beautiful process of cleansing and purifying, which will then continue with the actual oil cleansing.

Skin benefit: The facial oil cleanser is particularly balancing and regulating, it stimulates microcirculation, moisturizes wonderfully and manages sun damage to the skin thanks to its sea buckthorn fruit oil.

Strengthen your respiratory system with Flight to the Sun

With this body oil, you can draw strength and courage while strengthening your respiratory system. Flight To The Sun is a moisturizing blend that gives your skin plump life. The blend consists of respiratory strengthening and decongesting essential oils of silver fir, spruce and silver fir. Pause for a moment in your daily routine, warm a few drops between your palms and breathe deeply. Feel how your inner strength is strengthened, how your zest for life increases.

Skin benefits: this fine, antioxidant body oil is deeply nourishing, regenerating, restorative. In addition, decongestive (anti-cellulite) and moisturizing effects.

Available are the Max & Me oils in our Saint Charles Cosmothecary, as well as in the onlineshop of Saint Charles Apothecary.

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