Saint Charles Herbal Apothecary Facecare mit europäischen Heilkräutern

Saint Charles Herbal Apothecary Facecare

"The herbs we find on our doorstep can be made into remedies, used in cosmetics or eaten".

With the new "Saint Charles Herbal Apothecary Facecare" we are filling a gap in our holistic product range. Our new natural cosmetics line places the highest value on natural active ingredients, proven formulas and an individual approach to application. By fusing our pharmacy's sound natural healing know-how with the latest medical knowledge, we were able to develop our first pure, highly effective facial cosmetics in a long process.

Customised Skincare

Our goal with our cosmetics line is to empower personal responsibility for a natural, healthy and beautiful skin appearance. Our creams and serums can be combined individually according to your skin condition. With our cosmetics, you bring your skin back to its original balance and radiance. Because with our modular Customised Skincare concept, the focus is above all on your individual and fluctuating skin condition.

The effectiveness of European medicinal herbs

In our innovative series, we combine natural ingredients. We rely on the effectiveness of the European alpine herbs pansy, lime blossom, wild mallow, lemon balm and yarrow:

Pansy thrives in many habitats, from grassy mountain areas to coastal locations, but is also grown as a garden plant. The flowers of the pansy have anti-inflammatory, cleansing and balancing properties. They help the skin heal and are effective against oily skin and mild skin diseases.

Lime tree blossom
The use of the lime tree dates back to ancient times. The healing tree with its sweet-flowery, hay-like blossoms has a strengthening and moisturising effect. The balancing and skin-soothing healing effect of the lime tree is highly regarded.

Wild mallow
Wild mallow is a thousand-year-old herb. It has been used since ancient times for its soothing properties. Mallow also has a strong moisturising effect.

This member of the mint family has always been considered an "elixir of beauty". It helps to balance oily, dry and sensitive areas of the skin and has a calming effect.

The Latin name refers to the ancient Greek hero Achilles, who used this classic medicinal plant for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. As part of our individual application concept, these active ingredients lead to holistic and natural beauty.

We are happy to advise you individually in our pharmacy, in the store or in our cosmothecary. The products of our Herbal Apothecary Facecare are vegan, made from pure natural ingredients and of course in the usual pharmacy quality.

Available in our store or in our Cosmothecary.

Available now in all Saint Charles stores, as well as in the online shop of Saint Charles Apothecary.

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