Biosolis | Zertifizierter Bio-Sonnenschutz

Biosolis | Certified Organic Sunscreen



BioSolis is now available in the Saint Charles Cosmothecary and in the Saint Charles Online Premiumshop!At Saint Charles, it is also important to us that only natural ingredients are used in sun protection. After all, sunscreen should protect the skin naturally and not cause it any harm. That's why we always check the list of ingredients in our sunscreen products very carefully. And BioSolis has passed this test with flying colours with our pharmacists in the pharmacy. Because BioSolis uses ingredients based exclusively on plants and minerals in its products. The sunscreen that reflects the sun's harmful rays (UVA and UVB) is made of 100 percent minerals and does not contain any nanoparticles. Palm oil is also dispensed with, which is not a matter of course for many suppliers in the natural cosmetics sector today. In addition, BioSolis contains a high amount of organic aloe vera to nourish and moisturise the skin in a natural way.

BioSolis is certified as one of the few organic sunscreen manufacturers. Biosolis works together with the certification bodies Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmebio Association to carefully certify the selected ingredients as well as the formulations. Furthermore, all Biosolis SPF and UVA ratings are tested by an independent laboratory and comply with European COLIPA and American (FDA) sun protection regulations.



Natural sun protection needs natural ingredients

Plant oils and plant extracts nourish, hydrate and protect your skin, gently and effectively. Below are the carefully selected ingredients of BioSolis sun protection products:

Bio Aloe Vera Barbadensis

Aloe Vera Gel, from the south of Mexico, replaces the water otherwise present in almost all cosmetic formulations. It forms the basis of BIOSOLIS products and, together with vegetable oils and mineral sunscreens, offers a unique combination in today's cosmetic industry. This gel is naturally derived from organically grown raw materials. This procedure ensures the protective and soothing properties for the skin.

Bio Karanja Vegetable Oil

Karanja oil comes from a small shrub that grows throughout Asia, especially in India. Karanja oil is part of the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. It hydrates and restructures the upper layers of the skin. Its healing properties counteract premature ageing of the skin and enhance the protective action of mineral sunscreens, especially against UVA rays.

Other ingredients:

  • Organic rapeseed oil: maintains elasticity and helps heal the skin
  • Organic carrot extract: nourishing effect
  • Organic sunflower seeds: nourishes and regenerates
  • Organic avocado oil: softens, regenerates and heals the skin
  • Organic jojoba oil: hydrates, softens the skin, improves skin elasticity
  • Organic sesame oil: stops free radicals, prevents ageing
  • Organ argan oil: hydrates and nourishes
  • Shea butter: nourishes dry and sensitive skin
  • Organic Calendula Extract: soothes and nourishes sensitive and irritated skin
  • Beeswax: softens, smoothes and hydrates the skin

Can it still be natural? We think not... BioSolis - 100% mineral sunscreen - is now available from us at the Saint Charles Cosmothecary and the Saint Charles Online Premiumshop.

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