Chrom, der Turbostoff

Chromium, the turbo substance

Important for blood sugar levels and fat metabolism.Small but mighty! This is definitely true of essential trace elements such as chromium. As components of enzymes and hormones, these minerals are responsible for the regulated course of many biochemical processes. It only takes a few amounts of them in our body - but without them, absolutely nothing works.

One of the main tasks of chromium is to support the hormone insulin, which regulates our blood sugar levels - which is important not only for diabetics. Chromium also plays a major role in the metabolisation of fats - it lowers total cholesterol and triglylcerides in the blood, and also causes "good" cholesterol to rise. It is important to store enough of this valuable helper in the body for when it is needed: our chromium reserves are located in the liver and spleen, the bones and muscles. However, our ability to store chromium decreases with age. This makes a regular supply of chromium all the more important. So where do we get this important turbo-substance? The easiest way is through our daily (wholemeal) bread. Nuts, sultanas, lentils and beans as well as brewer's yeast also contain a lot of chromium, just like meat or seafood.



More power

The fact that chromium ensures stable blood sugar levels has several positive side effects. On the one hand, it protects us from cravings, and on the other hand, it helps us stay awake and focused. Of course, our physical performance also benefits from it. Especially during sports, we should have enough chromium reserves, because increased activity increases chromium excretion through the urine. And it is precisely for healthy muscle function, and especially for desired muscle growth, that we need chromium to transport amino acids into the muscle cells. Unfortunately, industrial processing lowers the chromium content of many foods, so that a sufficient intake - appropriate to life circumstances - is not always possible. This is why a high-quality food supplement is often useful, especially for athletically active people, diabetics and seniors.

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