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With the approach of spring, we long for a fresh start, lightness and relief. It is not uncommon for our organism to be lacking in energy and tired after the long winter season, and to call for cleansing and purification. Spring cleaning for our body - detox - is the order of the day!

Detox is the abbreviation for the English term "detoxification" and stands for detoxification and purification - i.e. for all measures that are intended to cleanse our organism of accumulated, harmful metabolic products, waste products and suspected toxins.

Detox cures already existed in ancient times

Even in early times, people knew the positive effects of detoxification on the organism. In Ayurvedic teachings as well as in Asian medicine, detoxification measures still play a central role today. In Europe, for example, it was Hippocrates, one of the founders of traditional European medicine, for whom detoxification was generally considered the shortest path to healing. Thus, he regularly and successfully applied methods of detoxification in his medicine.

A whole range of organs are involved in detoxification and purification, each taking on different tasks. The most important detoxification organs in humans are the skin, the lungs, the liver, the gall bladder, the kidneys and the intestines. They should all be taken into account and their function strengthened so that they can perform their respective tasks well.

Individual needs come first in detox

Those who want to detoxify in a targeted manner are faced with a wide range of options and offers. It is important to always adapt measures to the individual needs and condition of one's body and therefore to take advantage of appropriate advice.

Our pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann has compiled central points and measures of detoxification for orientation in the detox jungle:

  • The water: Whoever drinks a lot of water supports the work of the kidneys and thus flushes out harmful substances. This measure is simple and efficient.
  • The herbs:For every evil there is a herb! Native herbs such as nettle, dandelion, milk thistle and many more support our body in its efforts to get rid of toxins and deposits. In various forms of preparation, nature's most valuable substances are made available to the body. Be it quite classically as a tea preparation, spagyric or tincture.
  • Exercise: Stimulates the metabolism and the blood circulation of the organs and drains out harmful substances. Daily exercise in the fresh air is particularly valuable. This also brings a positive mood and reduces stress due to the simultaneous absorption of light.
  • The acid-base balance: Whoever wants to purify should also pay attention to his acid-base balance. Our diet is highly acid-forming due to animal proteins and a high carbohydrate content. Products that contain alkaline mineral salts help to alleviate the excess acidity.
  • The intestine: The intestine plays a central role in our energy and nutrient supply and our immune system. In addition to a possibly necessary intestinal cleansing, fasting or relief days ensure that the intestines can "rest", cleanse and regenerate. However, both should be done in consultation with a doctor.
  • The poultice: "Liver poultices" with a hot water bottle activate the work of the liver and at the same time give us valuable rest.
  • The skin: When detoxifying and purifying, we should not forget our largest excretory organ: the skin. Alkaline baths, peelings or brush massages help to get rid of waste products and stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Sleeping: works wonders. The organism emerges regenerated and strengthened and can devote its energies to cleansing the body.

All these tips make a valuable contribution to detoxification. Do you want to know more about Detox or find the targeted mix for yourself? Then visit us in our pharmacies in Vienna or Berlin. We will be happy to help you find the right form of detoxification.

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