Immunsystem stärken mit Cistus

Strengthen the Immune System with Cistus

An ancient, inconspicuous Greek medicinal herb that grows on the dry slopes of the Greek mountains is once again in high demand. Prized since time immemorial in Greek folk medicine, cistus (Cistus incanus), also called cistus, has become popular as a "healing herb for body, mind and soul". On Chalkidiki, where the locals drink Cistus tea daily, there are supposedly particularly many 100-year-olds. Because: Cistus is supposed to protect the cells from premature ageing, detoxify the body and even help with acne and neurodermatitis.

Cistus - The medicinal herb of the Chalcidians

But let's start from the beginning. On the peninsula of Chalkidiki, the legend is told: Once the gods held council on Mount Olympus to decide which plants should perform certain healing tasks. The cistus was given the task by the fathers of the gods to heal the wounds of fighters injured in battle. Much to the annoyance of the goddesses. They were convinced that the herb, with its delicate pink flowers, was much more suitable for beauty care. The result: the rockrose was allowed to do both: heal and beautify. In fact, the plant was extremely sought after in antiquity. The resin was popular as a cosmetic and as an aid for skin and hair problems. Likewise, cistus was valued as a remedy for diseases. Above all, however, the Greek farmers and monks of the famous Athos monasteries used the herb for a wide variety of health disorders.

Powerful radical scavenger

effect. Scientific studies showed that Cistus is one of the plants richest in polyphenols and thus has a strong antioxidant effect. Until recently, green tea and red wine were considered the most polyphenol-rich remedies. However, studies by the LEFO Institute showed that the antioxidant effect of Cistus is even three times as high as that of green tea and four times as strong as that of red wine or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Conclusion of this study: Even a shot glass of Cistus tea has the same antioxidant effect as a daily dose of vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)!

The antioxidants contained in Cistus also have a great importance as "radical scavengers". Free radicals are unstable reaction products from cellular respiration that can spread through the body in a chain reaction and are held responsible for the development of many diseases. This is because polyphenols protect cell metabolism, keep the cells from uncontrolled proliferation and protect the vascular walls.

Strengthening the immune system - our tip from the pharmacy

Due to this high polyphenol content and the antioxidant effect, regular consumption of Cistus is recommended to strengthen the immune system. The fact that Cistus is also good for the immune system was confirmed by the Bad Iburg doctor Dr. Vinzenz Nowak in laboratory tests. Even a daily intake is said to significantly boost the immune system. This strengthening of the body's defences is particularly important nowadays, as stress and increased exposure to environmental influences can quickly upset the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria.

Our pharmacists at Saint Charles Apotheke Wien and Berlin recommend daily intake (e.g. Cistus tea or Cistus extract capsules) to strengthen the body's defences. According to many years of experience, the simultaneous intake of resveratrol and zinc is particularly recommended.

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