Der Weg zu einfach schöner Haut – Teil 2

The Way to Simply Beautiful Skin - Part 2

At Saint Charles, we take a holistic approach to skin. Specialists at the Saint Charles Pharmacy, Beauty Experts at the Cosmothecary natural cosmetics shop and beauticians at the "Hideaway" beauty studio combine their knowledge to guide you on the path to naturally beautiful skin. In this post we have summarised for you some generally valid advice based on sound theoretical and practical knowledge of our experts. Last week we already gave advice from our pharmacist Susi and beauty expert Martina. Now comes the second part of this series.

Six do`s and don`ts to keep in mind when it comes to skin care:

  1. Always use high-quality products: Especially for problem skin, this is an absolute must, as conventional products can clog the pores even more. Natural cosmetics contain skin-identical, natural substances that can also be better absorbed by the skin.
  2. Let the skin "breathe" - i.e. do not use make-up as often as possible.
  3. Regular cleansing is the be-all and end-all for beautiful skin: make-up must always (!) be removed. There is a wide range of cleansers in milk, gel or oil form for this purpose. For cleansing the skin in the morning, Martina recommends using a mild gel.
  4. Use face masks 1-2 times a month:Then it is best to choose a moisturising/cleansing mask, depending on the skin type.
  5. Let the skin breathe at night: Martina advises against rich care at night, as the skin detoxifies and purifies on its own during sleep. Thus, only a toner or serum should be used before going to bed, so that the skin can detoxify optimally.
  6. Don't over-care for the skin: Yes, it can also be too much care! The skin becomes oversaturated by too much care and forms underlays more easily.

The Saint Charles Cosmothecary team always pays attention to the current, individual skin needs.The classification into explicit "skin types" is seen critically. Because regardless of the specific skin type, the skin can develop different needs in the course of a year (summer/winter) or with age, which must be addressed.

Our beauty studio advice from Saint Charles Hideaway - Diana and Beatrice

Our two beauticians recommend regular Saint Charles skin coaching. Not only is attention paid to the current skin condition and the appropriate care discussed, but influencing life circumstances and needs are also included in the relaxed conversation.

The turning to oneself associated with skin coaching is often an important first step towards change. Within the framework of a suitable treatment, the important basis is created for the skin to be able to breathe again. Often it is prevented from doing so by over-care or non-care. With an appropriate deep cleansing and, for example, an ampoule cure, the balance can be restored. Regardless of life circumstances, young or older skin needsprofessional cosmetic treatment more often in order to achieve a fresh, healthy complexion.

Natural cosmetics at the highest level

When it comes to cosmetics, Saint Charles lives natural cosmetics at the highest level; in our cosmetic treatments at the "Hideaway", we work exclusively with carefully selected products of outstanding purely organic quality. Every consultation or treatment is above all about feeling and experiencing, about relaxation and attention!

If you have any further questions about your skin, we will be happy to help you personally at the Saint Charles Apothecary Vienna, at the Saint Charles Cosmothecary, as well as at the Saint Charles Hideaway. We look forward to seeing you!

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