dieNikolai | Demeter Naturkosmetik aus der Wachau

dieNikolai | Demeter natural cosmetics from the Wachau region

Probably the purest cosmetics in the world come from the Wachau!

Putting as much power and energy into nature as possible, but interfering with it as little as possible - that is the credo of the Demeter pioneers at Nikolaihof Wachau. Wine has been produced at this special and historic place of power in the Wachau for around 2,000 years, and for 45 years now they have followed the strictest rules of biodynamic agriculture around Demeter - for the benefit of nature. This life-affirming attitude towards people, animals and the environment also benefits dieNikolai - the biodynamic cosmetics line that winemaker-family Martin Saahs launched in 2016 and is now available in our Saint Charles Cosmothecary. The skincare line includes products for different skin types and requirements, which can be combined in different ways to suit the individual skin.

The best of the vineyards goes into the jar

The care products of dieNikolai are handmade from naturally grown biodynamic raw materials from the region. What is processed is what grows in the vineyards of the Wachau - saffron, for example, which is cultivated at the winery. The small red threads are harvested with tweezers from the calyx of the crocus flower - one of the reasons why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. But the main actor is the grape. Its skin is full of antioxidants that repair damaged cells for a fresher look. To ensure that all the important ingredients end up in the jar, the grapes are peeled - especially carefully - by hand. In addition, the grape seed is also an important antioxidant supplier. Its oil neutralises free radicals and helps to ward off harmful external influences.

The special thing about the dieNikolai products is also their purity. 88 to 96 percent of the total raw materials are of biodynamic origin and thus certified according to Demeter, the rest consists of organic or non-certifiable ingredients, such as the rapeseed oil-based emulsifier. The cosmetics line from the "Gardens of Eden" of the UNESCO cultural region Wachau is thus probably the purest in the world.

What does biodynamic farming by Demeter mean?

Biodynamic farming is considered the most sustainable form of agriculture because it ensures that the humus layer grows continuously. The farming method, in which sprays such as pesticides or fungicides are taboo, relies on the valuable work of beneficial insects and on homeopathic preparations against pests. As a holistic approach, however, Demeter farmers take into account not only the earthly, but also the cosmic interrelationships of life - just as our ancestors once did. In order to preserve the fearfulness of the soil on which theNikolai ingredients grow, the phases of the moon as well as Maria Thun's astrological calendar are therefore consulted.

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