Dr. Hauschka Hautpflege Tipps von Expertin Ksenia Varga

Dr. Hauschka skin care tips from expert Ksenia Varga

Dr. Hauschka has been offering 100% genuine natural skin care products since 1967. It is therefore considered a pioneer in Europe. We met Dr. Hauschka expert Ksenia Varga for an interview and asked her for tips on the right summer care impulses. Tip: On 16.05. Ksenia will be coming to us for a workshop! It's worth taking part (see below for details)!

Dear Ksenia, how did you come to Dr. Hauschka?

My first contact with WALA Heilmittel GmbH or Dr. Hauschka was during a school excursion, in chemistry class, when we visited WALA in Bad Boll near Stuttgart. We were allowed to visit some areas of the production and I was fascinated by the handling of the raw materials and the glorious smell of rose. As I had skin problems myself, a visit to the health food shop followed where I bought my first Dr. Hauschka products: Facial Toner Clarifying and Facial Oil. At that time, it was not yet foreseeable that I would one day work for this company. The fascination and enthusiasm have remained.

To what extent does the concept have to do with caring for one's own body?

In developing our holistic body care, we look at the whole person with their needs. It is about supporting the body in its own activity with strengthening and balancing impulses and helping it to find its balance. So each product - be it a lotion, an oil, a cream or a powder - has its own unique character. One of the main purposes of our body care is to pick up and nurture the body's own rhythm of warmth: it supports the build-up of heat, centres warmth or allows it to flow. Dr. Hauschka Body Care opens up a variety of ways to experience mindfulness towards oneself. Whether it is the invigorating shower in the morning, a gentle lotion on the hands during the day, you can derive your personal ritual from it.

Many of our clients complain about stress and tired, worn-out skin. Are there any specific tips you recommend?

Many people lose their rhythm in the stress and hectic of everyday life, e.g. they don't sleep enough and then would like to look fresher just by using a cream. If I have tired, worn-out skin, the first thing I should do is sleep or give myself a break. Apply a Dr. Hauschka Conditioning Mask, Dr. Hauschka Eye Freshener to tired eyes and then lay in a bath with one of the Dr. Hauschka Baths for 20 minutes during the soak time. So it's always the combination of lifestyle and care, one single product will not solve our skin problems.
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

The world of Dr. Hauschka is very extensive - what part of the range do you feel most comfortable with?

In facial care, I feel most comfortable with our water-based preparations, especially the Night Cure. It reflects the rhythmic nature of the skin's metabolism and makes the effectiveness of Dr. Hauschka's oil-free night care particularly clear. These 28 days of the cure correspond to a complete renewal cycle of the skin.

In body care, I would highlight the nourishing oils as pure soul care, whatever the season. I would describe our care oils as a warming gift of the sun to the soul, as pure power of the sun can be felt in the oils. Whether on cold days, in case of exhaustion or to tighten the tissue, the care oils are suitable for every situation in life.

On 16 May you are giving a workshop at Saint Charles Cosmothecary called "Different from the Beginning." Why this title? What has Dr. Hauschka done differently from the beginning?

From the beginning, Dr. Hauschka has focused on the skin as the largest organ in its polarity - the connection between inside and outside. This approach is unique because we see the inside - the organism in connection with the environment. And there are many other things we do differently from the beginning: our handling of raw materials, our unique manufacturing process, the holistic approach to people in care and our fat-free night care. We take into account the natural day and night rhythm of the skin and do not want to relieve it of the task of renewing itself on its own with our cosmetics. The aforementioned oil-free night care is particularly important, as the time of regeneration begins at night. The skin should be able to breathe freely, which it cannot do under a layer of oil. It goes without saying that we have 100% genuine natural cosmetics in our tubes.

What natural skincare impulses can participants of the evening event expect?

I have already mentioned a few things about the products and the brand in the previous answers, but in the talk I will give an insight into the Dr. Hauschka world and talk about the fact that it is always about turning to oneself and that one should allow oneself more time (for care). We will talk about some approaches of the Dr. Hauschka range and how I can incorporate them into my everyday life, such as a relaxing footbath after a long day.

Summer is just around the corner, what tip or advice would you give our customers now?

. Use our nourishing oils in preparation for summer to wake up the skin. In the morning, Lemon Lemongrass Nourishing Oil to tone tissues or Birch Arnica Nourishing Oil to activate metabolism or drain. The ideal preparation for the bikini season and to prepare the skin for the more intense sunlight.

Registration for the workshop: The Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Workshop with expert Kenia Varga will take place on 16 May 2019 at our Saint Charles Cosmothecary Vienna. Registration is requested: Tel: 0676 5861366

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