Dr. Hauschka Unternehmensprofil | Naturkosmetik im Trend seit 1967

Dr. Hauschka Company Profile | Trendy Natural Skin Care since 1967

Dr. Hauschka, the 100% certified natural skin care product, has been making an impact for over 50 years. We took a closer look at the traditional brand and came across some exciting aspects. Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's wish for a cosmetic made from natural substances, well tolerated and based on the knowledge of medicinal production, was to be fulfilled with the help of the Viennese cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund. What began in a Swabian spa town was the start of a small revolution.

Quality is the top priority

Today, Dr. Hauschka draws on over 1,000 different raw materials from nature. More than 80% of the raw materials come fromorganic and Demeter cultivation, around 70% from the immediate vicinity of the company's own headquarters, from its own medicinal plant gardens or from the two biodynamic farms. If a raw material is not available in "organic" or "Demeter", the cosmetics brand even initiates targeted cultivation projects to achieve the desired quality. The harvest is handpicked by means of manual picking from wild collections. Flowers are harvested early in the morning when they are just emerging and hold more vigour.

Unique care concept

The Dr. Hauschka care concept also follows a rebellious approach: three steps a day. And rest at night.

1 Cleansing Is like breathing a sigh of relief. Clarifies and frees the skin.
2 Strengthen Dr. Hauschka Facial Toners stimulate the skin's own powers.
3 Care Round off with a harmonious care that completes the morning cleansing and strengthening as the third care step.

Dr. Hauschka wants to help people and their skin to become healthy and beautifully cared for under their own steam. Compositions of medicinal plants are intended to provide effective impulses for each individual skin type. Particularly important: for regeneration at night, the skin should breathe.

People and nature are the focus

Responsibility is just as important at Dr. Hauschka. Within the framework of targeted partnerships, the natural skin care brand invests in quality and raw material partnerships year after year. In the process, interest-free loans are granted andfair wages are paid out.

The traditional Dr. Hauschka brand has long been appreciated by our customers of the Saint Charles Cosmothecary, and the Saint Charles Apothecary online shop.

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