NEU: Dr. Heike Sommer Mixturen bei Hautproblemen

NEW: Dr. Heike Sommer Mixtures for skin problems

The history of Dr Sommer's concoctions

Dr Heike Sommer is an ENT and general practitioner with a keen interest in complementary treatments. Dr Sommer's grandparents were already druggists. Her experience passed down through generations and her intuitive approach to naturopathy have left their mark on her. Her daughter's neurodermatitis condition finally prompted her to develop an intensive care series for skin and nose based on the natural effect of chickweed (Stellaria Media) from the recipes handed down by her grandparents.

There has been a lot of positive feedback and success from her patients and users for general skin problems caused by climatic challenges in both the cold and warm seasons. These include neurodermatitis, dry skin, sinus problems and sunburn.  


Guaranteed pure nature!

The exclusive use of the highest quality and unadulterated raw materials is decisive for the quality of Dr. Sommer mixtures. The herbs for the mixtures come from wild collections and are extracted under the influence of the sun and moon in a gentle, week-long process. The special ingredients of the herbs in combination with natural olive oil and beeswax from organic beekeepers give the Stellaria mixtures a wide range of uses for skin problems.

Almost as important, however, is what Stellaria mixtures do not contain. Namely, no emulsifiers, no parabens, no preservatives, no fragrances and dyes, no cortisone, no paraffin or silicone oil, no animal ingredients - and of course my mixtures have been developed and produced without any animal testing!  

Gentle handmade production

In order to preserve the sensitive active ingredients, every cream is stirred and filled by hand by the Dr. Sommer team. Only mixtures that meet all their requirements are given their seal of approval.

Dr. Sommer also pays attention to a gentle and natural manufacturing process when selecting raw materials, and in doing so she searches the world for the best quality.  

What the mixtures of the Stellaria care series are suitable for


Skin Balm Mixtures No1- intensive and natural - to actively support the regeneration of your skin
Mixture No1 is a rich skin care balm that helps to intensively support dry, fragile and sensitive skin. It is also ideally suited for use with everyday skin problems, as well as for consistent care between neurodermatitis episodes. Other applications include wound healing problems, burns, sunburn and insect bites. Annoying itching can be relieved immediately in many cases. Even the appearance of scars can often be visually improved.

Mixture No1 KAKAO is a natural anti-aging care for the active regeneration of irritated and damaged skin. The antioxidants and nourishing fats in the cocoa butter in combination with the high vitamin content of Stellaria Media promote a radiant and silky skin appearance. The addition of balloon vine, which has an anti-inflammatory and moisturising effect, helps the skin to reduce environmental stress even faster. Men benefit from immediate relief of redness and supple, smooth facial skin after shaving.

Sinus Balsam Mixture No2 - Soothing care for your nose

Mixture No2, when applied around, in the nose and over the sinuses, promotes the deblocking of disorders caused by environmental influences. It contributes to the care and protection of the sensitive skin around the nose. It has a positive effect on frequent rhinitis, inflammation of the sinuses and obstructions to breathing. Nasal polyps can also regress.  

Verruca Balsam Mixture No3 - Regenerating care in the area of warts
Mixture No3 can support the regeneration of your skin, which is often brittle and cracked in the area of warts. The addition of an extract from the occidental tree of life (Thuja Occidentalis) reinforces the positive effect on the affected skin areas.    


Dr. Heike Sommer recommends 2-3 times daily application. The concoctions by Dr. Heike Sommer are of course now available at Saint Charles.

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