Detox & Säure-Basen-Gleichgewicht - Altes Wissen, neue Erkenntnisse

Detox & Acid-Base Balance - Old Knowledge, New Findings

"The fastest way to health is detoxification" Paracelsus.

DETOX - DETOXIFICATION - DETOXIFICATION - Is not a trend, but a scientifically proven medical doctrine that gets to the root cause of diseases and eliminates long-term disturbances in health.

For some time now, deacidification has been on everyone's lips under the catchword Detox. It is now recognised that a large proportion of people in our affluent society are over-acidified. Over-acidified means that the naturally given ratio between acids and bases of 1 to 20 has shifted due to an unbalanced diet as well as common exercise and pleasure behaviour. People who frequently suffer from heartburn can assume that their body's acid-base balance is not in order.

Acidification as the basis for disease

The basis from which disease arises is often the appropriate environment. Because germs, bacteria (microorganisms) do not develop according to the "random principle", but grow in the milieu. In the medical field of preventive or precautionary medicine, detox is therefore regarded as a measure that should be of immense importance to everyone:

  • With the help of tissue detoxification or deacidification, conditions can be resolved
  • Diseases can be prevented before they arise
  • Health and well-being can be restored and maintained

Detox - The targeted deacidification of the organism

The most important basics for deacidification are water (absolutely non-carbonated), herbal teas and base-forming nutrition. If the organism lacks water, metabolic substances do not flow off. The amount of water drunk therefore determines the concentration of acids, the dilution of acids, the loosening of deposits, the transport of nutrients and oxygen in the cells.

5 ways to help your body detoxify:

  • Detoxification through good spring water, targeted with homeopathy or tea
  • Metabolism-stimulating measures (Laconium, steam bath)
  • Healthy exercise
  • Mechanical loosening of tissue deposits (massages, brush massages)
  • Basic diet with unsprayed, fresh food, natural remineralisation

Walking briskly for 10-15 minutes (or longer) daily already promotes detoxification (exhaling detoxifies, inhaling promotes alkaline burning) and leads to a good body feeling.

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