Europe is changing. The Saint Charles team with its staff in Vienna and Berlin is a mirror of our society. Diverse, modern and tradition-conscious at the same time. Our roots are in Vienna, but Europe has long been our home. The intensive contact with traditional European medicine and naturopathy is both our mission and our obligation. This is precisely how we connect generations and cultures. As an Austrian company, we stand for diversity, cosmopolitanism and democracy. This attitude helps us to connect people more closely, regardless of their origins and beliefs, and to counter tendencies towards nationalism and isolationism. For a vibrant and strong Europe.

The world is changing. Nothing can be taken for granted and great tasks lie ahead. Mother Earth shows us more than ever that she cannot be controlled. We are children of this earth. We are part of everything. Not "more", but "better" is not only our DNA, but for us it means above all responsible management. Inseparably connected with our fellow human beings and our earth. It is of great concern to us not only to "avoid", but to actively "contribute". With commitment and passion. To build lighthouses with innovative products, intelligent solutions and passionate partners. Lighthouses of sustainability. Lighthouses of the future. For the sake of our children and nature.

And you help us do it. Every day.
We want to thank you for that.

Your Saint Charles Team
Mag. Alexander Ehrmann & Richard König

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