Einfach.Fasten. | Warum wir es tun sollten

Simply.Fasting. | Why we should do it

Health is undoubtedly our greatest asset! And there is hardly a simpler and more effective measure to maintain and promote health than fasting.

The principle of fasting

The principle of fasting is as old as mankind, it was already practised in early cultures. In addition to fasting as a spiritual practice of many religions, above all its healing effect has been known for a long time. For Hippocrates, fasting was the first therapeutic choice in matters of health, even before any medicine: "Be moderate in everything, breathe pure air, practice daily skin care and bodily exercise ... and cure a small ailment by fasting rather than by medicine. "

There are now numerous publications and studies on fasting, yet far too few people know and experience its extraordinary effect: fasting is an active, conscious process. One decides to give the body and also the soul a break for a while. In the process, harmful substances are broken down, one frees oneself from burdens and gains sight for the essentials. During fasting, there is often a feeling of contentment, inner harmony and clarity. It offers the chance for change, for a new beginning. That is why the transition from winter to spring is so suitable for a period of fasting. Like nature, we can renew ourselves, blossom and continue our ways with fresh energy.

Medically effective?

The medical effectiveness of fasting has been proven in numerous studies. Fasting acts like a healing shock on the body. It turns physiology upside down and triggers whole cascades of biochemical reactions. Special cleansing mechanisms are set in motion: the rubbish disposal and recycling system of the cells, so to speak, which are strengthened and renewed in the process. In contrast to diets, fasting is not exclusively about losing weight, but primarily about detoxification, elimination and regeneration. Toxins and waste products are eliminated, the liver is relieved and strengthened, excess fat reserves and protein deposits are reduced.

Of central importance is the regeneration of the intestinal flora and stomach. The intestinal immune system plays a supporting role in our health. Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, developer of the F.X. Mayr cure, calls the intestine the root of the human plant. The intestinal flora consists of several billion bacteria that form a complex system. This plays an enormous role in our immune system, many chronic diseases and allergies. During fasting, the intestines are relieved, freed from residues and dead cell material, and the intestinal flora is thus cleansed and regenerated. Our body's own defences get going again, we become significantly less ill.

In terms of metabolism, fasting brings about an amazing readjustment. Elevated blood fat levels normalise, high blood pressure is reduced, sugar and cholesterol levels are positively changed. A pleasant, significant side effect of the physical cleansing is the improvement of our mood - this is explained by the release of greater amounts of the good mood hormone serotonin in the fasting process. We experience ourselves as positive and light. At the same time, the stress hormone level decreases, the view for the essentials is sharpened. Finally, fasting allows us to really blossom. The skin's appearance improves, it looks fresher, clearer and healthier.

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