5 Gründe im neuen Jahr einen Saint Charles Store zu eröffnen

5 reasons to open a Saint Charles store in the new year

We are looking for franchise partners who share our passion for reinterpreting old knowledge and want to open an Experience Store together with us. There are many reasons to become part of our mission, but we consider 5 aspects to be particularly important in the team:

  1. Sense of purpose: Do you no longer enjoy your current job? Do you want a new project that you are passionate about and responsible for? Then the Saint Charles Store Partnership might be just the thing for you. In order to make Saint Charles products available to our customers in an award-winning retail concept, we are looking for partners with passion and commitment.
  1. Cohesion Becoming part of Saint Charles means becoming part of the family. We all want to make the world a little bit better and support each other through all the challenges. Like any family, it's not always sunny, but at the end of the day, we can't imagine a better team. That's why we want to find store partners who share our values and further enrich our team.


  1. Products Are you interested in traditional medicine or have you even gained your first experience in this field? Bingo! Saint Charles is built on Traditional European Medicine and focuses on formulations that are as natural and effective as possible. Alexander Ehrmann, himself a sixth-generation pharmacist, emphasises time and again: "In the nature on our doorstep, we find exactly those plants that are good for us." Each of the almost 400 Saint Charles products is closely linked to nature and thus supports body and mind - internally as well as externally. With your own Saint Charles store, you are part of this mission and certainly no longer have to worry about running out of your favourite products.
  1. Sustainability: Sustainability is not just a trend for you, but lived reality? "Not more, but better" has been our credo since the beginning. Our products often consist of 100 per cent natural organic ingredients and come from regional cultivation wherever possible. They are primarily filled in amber glass bottles or in recycled plastic. We do not use any outer packaging at all. In this way, we not only make a contribution, but are also pioneers in the field of natural cosmetics and food supplements in the area of sustainability.
  1. Something new every day:Do you love variety and daily challenges? Our key to success is to bring the Saint Charles brand to life and to offer competent and professional advice. With over 400 products from the fields of aromatherapy, natural medicine and natural cosmetics, the wishes and requirements of our customers vary greatly. We support you with further education and training so that you can act competently in the different areas. Through our many years of experience and the background of a pharmacy, we hope to be able to enrich you on a personal level.

Our franchise concept, which is characterised by mutual success, transparency and influence, serves as the basis for a partnership of equals. On the one hand, the franchise model allows you to secure your independence and individuality and, on the other hand, to preserve the values and brand image of Saint Charles. As franchisors, we place full trust in our partnerships and provide intensive support to each partner.

Interested? Then get in touch with our contact person Franziskus Matiasovits or visit our Website with more information around our franchise model.

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