galerie gugging im Saint Charles Store Herrengasse

galerie gugging in the Saint Charles Store Herrengasse

"Joy in what you do, connection with each other and that everyone can be who they are" is what director Nina Katschnig says about the spirit of the gallery. We at Saint Charles could not have described what we do any better.galerie gugging Besides these shared values, galerie gugging and Saint Charles have been friends for many years, and the promotion of art is also an important concern at Saint Charles. For this reason, we have decided to expand our cooperation and present a small selection of artworks in the Saint Charles store in Vienna's city centre.

Bild (v.l.n.r.): Nina Katschnig, Alexander Ehrmann, Irina Katnik, Richard König

Healing art meets contemporary art

At the Saint Charles Store in Vienna's city centre, we offer a stage for selected works of art. As part of the cooperation, paintings by artists are exhibited on site, which are adapted and renewed several times a year - according to the current exhibitions in the galerie gugging. In this way, healing art meets painted art and an inspiring atmosphere is created by itself.

The exhibited works of art can be admired in Saint Charles Brand Store at Herrengasse 6-8, 1010 Vienna. The store offers a place of well-being and enjoyment that appeals to all the senses and makes it possible to experience products from nature.

About the galerie gugging

Gugging is a place with an inherent magic and a renowned hotspot of Art Brut. Today, the artists of Gugging enjoy international recognition and are represented at fairs all over the world, from Paris to New York. An empathetic, appreciative, respectful and loving cooperation is a lived reality here, and this applies not only to the staff, but especially to the artists.

Internationally, the gallery is one of the most important places for the presentation and creation of unadulterated, original art with its own language of form. The French artist Jean Dubuffet defined this style as Art Brut. For 25 years now, the gallery has been exhibiting works by Gugging artists and their international artist colleagues with the aim of making their work more visible in the context of contemporary art and promoting previously unknown artists. This is what galerie gugging is working on with great enthusiasm - it is a pleasure to accompany art enthusiasts and collectors as partners in their passion. galerie gugging is part of the Art Brut Centre Gugging, consisting of the atelier gugging, the House of Artists, the museum gugging and the Private Foundation - Artists from Gugging. The proximity of the place of origin of the works of the Gugging artists and their presentation is unique worldwide. In the wonderful surroundings in the middle of the Vienna Woods, artistic work is done daily and new works are created.

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