Saint Charles Store Salzburg: Handcrafted by Nature

Saint Charles Store Salzburg: Handcrafted by Nature

Special shop design to touch and feel: in the Saint Charles store in Salzburg, too, products from nature are made tangible for all the senses through selected design elements. To make this possible, care was taken to use natural and tactile materials right from the planning stage. The shop design is characterised by attention to detail and aims to make emotions tangible. Handmade individual pieces and organic materials from selected partners illustrate the connection to nature and underline the passion for regional craftsmanship. We proudly present:

By Nature And Knopp - Stefan Knopp

The hand of Stefan Knopp creates individual one-off pieces whose timeless beauty transcends trends and fashions. The unique steles are made from a solid piece of wood and deliberately have structure with edges and peculiarities - just like people. They live from their originality and offer the ideal platform to present Saint Charles products and make them tangible. The natural wood structure was refined by hand with a special surface treatment. In this way, the power of nature is brought into Salzburg's city centre by the wood designer.

Stefan Knopp finishing his work

rausgebrannt - Bernhard Rameder

In collaboration with the rausgebrannt workshop, the two brass plates that adorn the advice and sales counters of the Salzburg store were created. The working processes of rausgebrannt, which are characterised by burns for unique ideas and creativity, made the customised realisation of the project possible. For Bernhard Rameder, laser cutting, drilling, grinding, milling and bending are much more than a sensory perception, because haptics transport emotion.

"The entire value chain - from the idea, to the design, to the production - is in our hands. This enables us to fulfil our corporate and social responsibility towards our fellow human beings and our environment quickly and directly. We think and feel in materials, surfaces and fabrics and see our work for what it is. A cycle, from conception to implementation, that does not end after the completion of a project - but begins anew with upcycling and recycling." - Bernhard Rameder

Bernhard Rameder Portrait


Each Senso floor is individual and handmade. Natural materials are used in the production of the seamless cast floors, which created a logical connection to Saint Charles. The biopolymer of the floor in the Salzburg store was extracted from the fruit of the miracle tree - this rarely needs water and therefore does not compete with important food resources. The result is a floor whose simplicity forms the basis for letting the interior and the Saint Charles products work.

Senso employees working on the floor

Mathias Kaiser

The ceramic tiles of the counselling and sales counters were created by ceramic artist Mathias Kaiser and were handmade in an elaborate process. In the process, Mathias Kaiser focused on the inherent qualities of the material and the individual sequence of steps that make up the creation process. Natural clay was used, which was allowed to retain its original character. The tiles were treated with engobes and iron ore, sanded and fired several times at high temperatures. Their presence in the room reflects the sum of the effort without pushing itself into the foreground. This restrained aesthetic creates an atmospheric bridge to the natural products of Saint Charles.

Mathias Kaiser at handicraft work

Picture copyright: David Schermann

Florian Vrana

Just as no two grains in nature are alike, Florian Vrana's furniture is also unique. As a carpenter, he was significantly involved in the shop fitting of the Saint Charles Store in Salzburg. Custom-made unique pieces were created that correspond to the spatial conditions and the design concept. People always come first for Florian Vrana, which is evident in the thoughtful implementation of his carpentry work. 

Florian Vrana's hands at carpentry work

Heavy furnishing Wolfgang Ure

Wolfgang Ure designed shelves made of black sheet steel for the Saint Charles Store in Salzburg and handcrafted them in his production workshop in St. Andrä-Wördern. During the production process, the shelving parts were water jet cut, bevelled and welded. Wolfgang Ure also did the assembly in Salzburg himself to ensure the ideal alignment of the shelves. The steel shelves are a stylistic element of the minimalist store and the result of craftsmanship.

"It was important to me to produce furniture for the store in Salzburg that meets the requirements and the clear design language and quality of the Saint Charles line".
- Wolfgang Ure

Wolfgang Ure at work

Saint Charles Store Salzburg

Here you will find the current opening hours of our store in Salzburg and further information. We invite you to an experience for all your senses and look forward to welcoming you personally.

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