Saint Charles meets Hotel ANDAZ Vienna Am Belvedere

Saint Charles trifft Hotel ANDAZ Wien Am Belvedere

Vienna has gained a hotspot: on 30 April, the lifestyle Hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere opened its doors. The new hotel was designed as a unique and authentic reflection of the local culture. Under the aspect "The new home of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the 21st century", the hotel embodies the passion for art and the love for the city of Vienna. The hotel has 303 rooms, a 2,200 square metre conference area, a 700 square metre ballroom, a fitness area, a restaurant and a rooftop bar on the 16th floor at a height of 60 metres. The Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere is located opposite the Belvedere Palace, just a few minutes' walk from Vienna's main railway station. The exterior was designed by the Italian star architect Renzo Piano. The facades of the buildings reflect the local architecture, while the lobby lounge brings the atmosphere of the neighbourhood to life with its music.

303 facets of Saint Charles natural cosmetics

The Andaz Hotel relies on our Saint Charles private blend to furnish its rooms and suites. The popular skincare line fits perfectly into the hotel's concept - it stands for tradition and ancient knowledge, in harmony with herbs from local cultivation and cultivated with modern knowledge. The care products capture the extraordinary scent of a sensory journey through nature: liberating mountain pine and mood-lifting basil, elegantly combined with the tangy fruity note of grapefruit and invigorating juniper. The unique blend of ingredients, packaged in bottles with a classic apothecary design, is now available for use in all 303 rooms. © Photo credit: Robin König Media

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